Alpine Strawberry and Fresh coconut Jam

This jam is full of flavour from the Alpine (Wild) strawberries with a delicate undertone of coconut


Equipment needed

1 pan

5 x 190ml hexagonal jars or 30 x 1.5oz miniture jars 

1 wooden spoon



500g alpine strawberries

500g sugar

3 x jelly nut coconuts white part shredded (drink the juice and just use the white part of the coconut.)



1 wash Jars with detergent Rinse well and then sterilize jars

2 Wash strawberries

3 add strawberries, shredded coconut, a tablespoon of water and the sugar to a pan and bring to the boil,

4 reduce heat and simmer for approx. 10 mins

5 test the Jam by using a teaspoon to spoon out a small amount of the jam from the pan, place this jam on a cold plate if the jam runs on the plate it needs a little longer, if the jam sets on the plate it is ready to Put into the jars.

6 slowly warm jars so when the hot jam goes in they are already warm/ hot, the oven steam or hot water sterilization process heats the jars

7 spoon the jam into the warm/ hot jars and seal with the caps

8 use the water bath method to preserve the jams quality and to prevent any spoilage 


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