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Customer Spotlight: Grafham Brewing Co

We love getting to know our various customers. We love hearing about their businesses and their products. If you would like to get involved in our customer spotlight series, please get in touch with us today!

In this addition of our customer spotlight series we are joined by Paul at Grafham Brewing Co. A micro brewery based in Grafham, Cambridgeshire.

Grafham brewery customer spotlight

Hi Paul, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello, I grew up in Hertfordshire, I’m a 3D Visualiser in the Live Events industry and I’m also a qualified Graphic Designer. I have two young children and now live in Cambridgeshire.

Where is Grafham Brewery based and what do you do?

Grafham Brewing Co is based in Grafham, Cambridgeshire next to the 3rd largest reservoir in the UK. I run the brewery single handed and I do everything!

How did you start brewing beer?

I started brewing beer just before I started the brewery in 2018, I had not brewed any beer before that.. Nothing like learning on the job!

Where do you get the inspiration for the beers you produce and the names you give them?

The beers I produce are just beers I like to drink, most of my beers are low in bitterness, are quite strong and easy to quaff. The first beer I brewed is called Hodders Panama, this is a tribute to my late father in law Richard Hodder, who liked his Panama hats, and who bought my first small brewing equipment set up. Shooters Hollow is a beer I named after a local landmark of the same name. Sunken Church is named after a local legend of a church being flooded in the reservoir. Any beers that are steering towards old fashioned bitter I try to name with uninteresting names like “Nothing Special” & “Pretty Standard” but they’ll still quite popular.

Which is your most popular beer? And why do you think that is?

Hodders Panama is my most popular beer, followed by Sunken Church. It’s popular as it’s really nice and easy to drink!

You have some great pictures on your social media channels. How do you decide what pictures to take?

Thank you. I don’t do anything special, most photos are taken on an iPhone 8, I have recently started creating CGI images of my bottles, which really help with marketing.

How has the current pandemic and corona virus induced lockdowns affected your business?

Bottle sales went up a lot, I set up a website to sell direct to market.. But generally cashflow and profit was down as you need the volumes to make the business profitable.

What are you most looking forward to once lockdown restrictions are eased and the virus is under control?

Having a beer in a pub with friends.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start their own brewery?

3 tips. 1.Get a resin floor. 2. Leave logo / label design to the pros. 3. Go as big as the space / electricity will let you.

Why did you pick Sen5es as your bottle supplier?

Price, Packaging, bottle style.

What do you think of Sen5es service and products?

Everything with the service and products is great, I’m really pushed for space, all my racking is spaced to accommodate Sen5es boxes. My beer is also delivered in your boxes. I just email Stuart and bottles arrive a few days later.. I’ve had very few breakages.. Top service.

grafham brewing co logo

Thank you so much to Paul for chatting with us today all about Grafham Brewing Co! I don't know about you but I certainly picked up some top tips for starting a brewery! At least we'd know where to get the bottles from!

Thank you for reading another of our blogs where we highlight one of our fabulous customers. If you wish to take part in this series, all you have to do is get in touch with us today!

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All the best

The team at Sen5es

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