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Product Spotlight: 700ml Tall Spirit Bottle

Have you ever thought about how to start your own gin business and where you would get a beautiful glass bottle to package your newly created gin? Well look no further! We present to you the 700ml Tall Spirit Bottle.

A classical and elegant glass spirit bottle which is perfect for storing and selling all sorts of spirits in. The 700ml spirit bottle is the perfect packaging for your premium product.

700ml glass spirit bottle

If you have just started your very own gin distillery, you've created an amazing vodka infused with chilli or you are looking to bottle some homemade sloe gin. This bottle is definitely going to be the one for you. When combined with either a synthetic or natural cork, it will become the perfect packaging for your finished creation.

We also stock a range of heat shrink capsules to add the finishing touch to your final product. Why not compliment your label and add a tamper evident seal with the choice of heat shrink capsules. We currently stock 5 different heat shrink capsules for this particular bottle. They include the following.

We think glass is pretty amazing. And this bottle is no different. Made of the highest quality glass and with it's elegant design it lends itself to premium products such as gin, whisky and rum. It can also be used for storing oils or ready to drink products as well.

Glass is the perfect packaging for spirits as glass is inert and will not leach toxins in to your product. It is also endlessly recyclable and can even be upcycled. A glass bottle can be reused multiple times before it is recycled. Check out our blog with our 20 top glass recycling facts to learn more!

We used one of these bottles as a flower vase and it looks beautiful with one or two flowers in it. Alternatively it can be used to store water in the fridge, for holding olive oil in the kitchen or as a cool lamp when combined with some fairy lights. Read our blog on other ways to reuse your glass bottles and jars before recycling them.

glass bottle flower vase
The 700ml tall spirit bottle being used as a flower vase

This spirit bottle is available for purchase today and can be supplied in small and bulk quantities. So we are able to cater to any individual or business.

All of our products are hand picked by us to ensure the highest quality. We also offer our famous Sen5es 5 star customer service. Our whole team puts as much effort as they can in to every order. No matter how big or small. Head over to our customer reviews page to learn more.

If there is anything else we can help you with please get in touch now! And let us know how we can help.

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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