Whiskey infused Welsh cakes


Equipment needed


1 x Flat Iorn Gridle (a thick bottomed frying pan will also work )

1 mixing bowl

1 small bowl

1 x large spoon

1 x sieve




225g Plain flour

½ tspn baking powder

80g Best quality softened unsalted butter

20g Veg fat or lard

50g of currants

1 splash of whiskey

80g white sugar

½  tspn mixed spice (optional)

1 egg


 1 Soak the currants in the whiskey in the small bowl and set aside for 1 hour minimum

2 sift  the flower into the large bowl and rub in the butter and vegetable fat (the mixture should resemble fine breadcrumb’s)

3 add sugar and stir

4 Add the egg and currants then work the mixture into a doe you can add a extra splash whiskey if the mixture is dry

5 flour a surface and roll the doe out to about ¾ cm thick , then cut disks about 6cm round (our 125ml jars work v well for this )

6 cook for about 3 mins until golden brown  on a medium to low  heat Flat Griddle


 7 eat straight away hot from the griddle just as they are, smothered with butter, jam and cream or you can store these in a airtight container for about 1 week our 1550ml kiln clip jars are highly recommended for this.



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