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Meet The Team

Sen5es Bottles, Jars and Closures is a small independant glass supplier with a small hard working team.

Our team has over 10 years experience working in the glass packaging industry and each have some awesome skills that they bring to the table.

The one thing that combines them all is their dedication to Sen5es and especially Sen5es customers. Everyone puts in 110% to make sure that all of our customers receive the best service possible.

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Stuart Overton


Stuart is the owner of Sen5es and does just about everything. From answering calls and emails to packing boxes and loading lorries. Stuart's hard working attitude and his customer focused work ethic make him an incredible person to lead our small team.

When he's not in the office or the warehouse Stuart is at home with his family and enjoys cooking, gardening and walking. Before he founded Sen5es back in 2012 he was a professional chef for 16 years. This must be where he gets his hard working attitude from!

Paul Blayney

Marketing Manager

Paul has been involved in the glass packaging industry since he was born! But he's only been officially working in it for the past 10 years. His hard working attitude and customer centric work ethic mean him and Stuart have the same core values. Making them a great team.


A professional photographer and filmmaker, Paul has travelled the world with his camera in hand. At the same time he has been able to redesign our website and he heads up all of our online marketing.


Hayden Swales


Hayden is the newest member of the Sen5es team and has joined us as his first job. He's an essential part of the team, ensuring all orders are packed and ready to go on time.

He enjoys indie music, marvel films and playing basketball. Like all of us he loves dogs and enjoys taking his dog out for walks.

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Our pets mean to world to us so we consider them an important part of the team.

Whether it's giving us a cuddle on the sofa or getting us outside for walks, our pets are definitely an integral part of the Sen5es machine.


Luna is a 3 year old black lab and belongs to Paul's sister. But as Paul doesn't currently have his own dog Luna stands in to help.

She loves long walks and jumping in lakes.



Diesel is a typical terrier. He loves to be active, has bounds of energy and is constantly on the hunt for fun.
He was from a working dog background and is been a perfect family dog too.



Ted is a very loyal and well mannered dog. He is 12 years old and can still charm anyone.

He is a cross between a Kern and a Pattedale and truly unique.