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Delivery and returns

Delivery and Returns

Delivery and Returns information

Delivery and Returns Policy



We have taken some time to find the best delivery companies with the most competitive prices, so that we can offer you the best service possible. We aim to dispatch orders as quickly as possible. Usually we are able to do this on the same day. We use good quality packaging which is suitable for shipping our products to you. If you have any questions please head over to the contact page and send us a message.

These are the terms and conditions that apply for deliveries and returns.


  1. The risk in the products will pass to the customer when they are delivered and signed for unless agreed beforehand in writing that the goods may be left unsigned for.

  2. The supplier may at its discretion deliver the goods by installments in any sequence.

  3. The Supplier may deliver to the customer and the customer shall accept in satisfaction a lower quantity than the number of goods ordered.

  4. When a lower quantity is delivered a credit will be raised for the missing amount.

  5. The supplier shall not be liable for any penalty, loss , injury , damage or expense arising from any delay or failure to deliver on time, nor can the customer refuse the delivery if it is late.

  6. For goods that weight over 100kg they will be delivered via a pallet network

  7. For orders weighing over 100kg someone must be in to receive the delivery. If there is no one to receive the delivery please notify us in writing of which working day or alternative delivery address that the products can be delivered to.

  8. The above are guidelines only and are assuming the products are in stock at the time of order.

  9. Any delivery date given by the supplier will be an estimate date only and will endeavour to comply. However the Supplier will be not be responsible for any late delivery.

  10. Goods weighing less than 100kg will be delivered by APC or another nationwide or international courier unless notified in writing by the supplier.

  11. Goods weighing over 100kg will be delivered by a local nationwide pallet delivery network partner.

  12. For all deliveries made by a courier if there is no answer a card will be left in the door asking you to arrange for a re-delivery or notifying you of another delivery date. If you are asked to arrange for a re-delivery the goods will be held at the local courier company for approximately 3-5 working days at which point they will be returned to the supplier.

  13. The courier may attempt when possible to leave the delivery with a neighbour

  14. For all deliveries made by the local nationwide pallet delivery network they will attempt to deliver it once only. If there is a secure place to leave the pallet, for example a barn, they will be willing to leave it but the supplier must receive written confirmation from the customer. If the goods are returned to the local depot you could be required to pay a re-delivery charge.

Delivery Failure

  1. If the customer fails to take delivery and the goods are returned to the supplier the order will be considered cancelled and the customer will be charged a re-stock fee or if agreed in writing the supplier may redeliver, but is entitled to charge a re-delivery fee.

  2. If the goods are returned and there is no contact made with the supplier, the payment for the goods will be refunded minus the re-stock fee.

  3. If the customers fails to take delivery of the goods or any part of them on the due date and provide any instructions or documents required to enable them to be delivered on the due date the customer shall pay to the supplier any costs incurred including storage,  re-delivery charges or insurance charges.

  4. The re-stock fee is an amount which is decided by the supplier at their discretion but will not be in excess of 10% of the total order.  


Returns and Claims

  1. Unless otherwise agreed, all pallets used for the delivery of goods will be invoiced at the then current price and must be paid for by the due date.

  2. All claims for damage or non-delivery must be received in writing within 7 days with photographic or quantitative proof. Deliveries that are accepted must be signed for "Damaged" or "Unchecked" in order for a claim to be pursued.

  3. Unless otherwise agreed, pallets may be returned (provided they are in good condition) to us or our supplier in such minimum quantities as we shall agree and a credit at their invoiced value will be raised accordingly.

  4. Pallets and packaging are suitable for usual conditions of transport on the United Kingdom mainland, or for delivery to UK port but no other warranty is given in relation to pallets or packaging.

  5. As some of our goods are fragile and being delivered by a third party we cannot guarantee the goods will arrive as they have left our premises

  6. All products are packed according to their shipping type and with sufficient packing. All care is taken by the couriers or pallet delivery companies to deliver the products in good condition.

  7. If the goods are rejected when delivered due to damage they will be inspected upon their return to the depot. If the goods are not damaged the customer will be required to pay for their re-delivery.

  8. If the customer accepts the goods but finds the goods are damaged a digital photograph of the products in the box will be required before any replacements will be sent.

  9. All Damaged products will be replaced by the supplier at no cost to the customer.

  10. If the customer does not wish to receive the goods and they are returned they will be charged a restock fee.

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