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Sen5es Bulk Buying Guide

Are you a small business owner who relies on glass bottles and glass jars for the packaging of your products? Are you worried about increasing costs of your raw materials? The answer might be a simple one. Buying your packaging in bulk.

At Sen5es we know the importance of the cost of your raw materials and how it affects your final product and your profit margin. We work tirelessly to ensure we get the best possible prices for the best products so that we can pass those prices on to you.

Bulk Glass Bottles
Glass bottles loose on a pallet.

Scaling Up Production

Have you just started your own hot sauce business? Or maybe a micro brewery? It might seem daunting. But a good way of saving costs and planning for the future is to buy your glass bottles with lids in bulk. We suggest buying enough stock for 2-3 production runs to begin with.

When you buy in bulk you may end up with more bottles than you initially need but you will reduce your cost per bottle. It also means you have enough for your next production run and will always be ahead of yourself.

We understand it's a big expense to pay out. But glass jars and glass bottles will never expire. As long as you keep them in their original packaging they will also stay clean and perfectly safe.

Boxed glass jars and bottles for sale
We offer bulk boxed pallets of jars and bottles

Buying Bulk Glass Bottles and Jars

The next step will be to buy in even greater numbers. Try and work out how many jars or bottles you will fill in 6 months and look to buy that amount.

Again this sounds very daunting but the advantages are numerous.

  1. By buying in larger numbers you can secure lower unit costs which in turn will bring down your overall costs per product. This means you can become more competitive in your own niche and hopefully make a greater profit margin.

  2. Having a large amount of raw materials in stock allows you to be more flexible and even fulfil large orders at short notice. This may be the difference between landing a contract and missing out. Some wholesalers may come to you needing a product at short notice.

  3. Buying in a large quantity will lower your overall shipping cost per unit. Once the weight of an order gets over a certain amount it is shipped out on a pallet and becomes a flat rate. It may seem high but once it's spread over 1000 jars or more it actually works out cheaper.

  4. You will save money in the long run by investing early on. You will be able to take advantage of our large volume price breaks and you will also avoid manufacturer prices increases. Unfortunately this is a real issue at the moment. With raw materials and manufacturing costs increasing the price of packaging is slowly rising as well.

bulk packed glass bottles and jars
We have a large selection of products in stock.

Buying Pallets

After planning your needs for the next 6 months. Try planning for the next year. If you have enough space at your home or unit it may be worth investing in a full pallet of jars or bottles.

Depending on the product you choose a full pallet may consist of anywhere from 1000-4000 units or even more!

The advantage of buying a full pallet of say beer bottles for examples is that there is less packaging involved and less steps between the manufacturer and you. Both of these factors will save you money.

The average pallet measures 1m in width, 1.2m in length and anywhere between 1 and 2 meters in height. So if you can fit this in your garage or warehouse. It's a great option to consider. Check out the picture above for what a pallet looks like! The bottles or jars won't be boxed they will be loose on the pallet. But don't worry they are perfectly safe! This is an industry standard way of storing and shipping them.

As there is no extra step in packaging the bottle or jars on our end it will save you money and time. We can ship the products directly from the manufacturer to you.

Bulk jars and bottles for sale
Stuart loading a bulk order ready for delivery.

Buying in Bulk From Sen5es Glass Bottles and Jars

Why buy in bulk from us? Sen5es is an independent UK based glass bottle and glass jar supplier. We have been supplying a fantastic range of glass bottles and jars for over 10 years. And because of this we are able to offer amazing customer service, amazing prices and amazing products.

We work with several manufacturers to ensure we always get the best possible prices so we are able to pass them on to you. We stock a large number of bottles and jars in our warehouse near Liverpool here in the UK. So we are always able to get orders out to you as quickly as possible.

Our customer service is second to none. We don't hide the fact that we will do everything we can for our customers. And our feedback shows just that. We love helping our customers and will always go the extra mile to ensure they receive an amazing experience.

Buy glass jars and glass bottles in bulk

We hope this little guide to buying in bulk has helped you a little. If you have any further questions put them in the comments below or head over to our contact page to get in touch.

If you have any suggestions or would love to see a specific guide from us, just let us know! We love to write about things that will help our customers.

Don't forget you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all the latest news from Sen5es. And don't forget to tag us in any of your amazing product pictures. Use the hashtag #sen5esbottles to show off your products.

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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