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The 34ml Essence bottle is our smallest sized bottle and is perfect for wedding favours and samples of all your products. It's made from high quality flint glass and is supplied with either a gold or silver cap.

This glass bottle is perfect for…

Our 34ml Essence bottle is perfect for samples of liquors including gin, whisky, vodka and rum. It also works well for samples of other products such as sauces or juices.


Alternatively it can also be used for creating amazing wedding favours which will be sure to grab your guests attention.

This glass bottle is supplied with either a silver or gold metal cap.

All of our bottles are supplied with caps but if you would like to purchase extras please follow the links below.

22mm Metal Caps
25x26mm Heat Band

Product Dimensions

34ml Essence Bottle approx specifications


Brimful Capacity35.4ml
Label Panel45mm

34ml Essence Bottle

PriceFrom £0.32
Cap Colour