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The 315ml Worcester sauce bottle or the woozy is the larger version of our most popular bottles. This simple and classic design is perfect for all your sauce needs. The 315ml is also known as the 10oz sauce bottle. They are made from the highest quality glass and are the perfect size for all sauces.

This glass bottle is perfect for…

Our 315ml Worcester sauce bottle is perfect for for chilli sauces, salad dressings, BBQ sauces, ketchups, fish sauce, satay sauce, cooking sauces, dipping sauces, vinegars and a variety of other uses.

This glass bottle is supplied with a choice of 2 different caps and a clear, black or white capsule.

All of our bottles are supplied with caps but if you would like to purchase extras please follow the links below.

24mm R6 Plastic Cap

29.5 x 55mm Black Capsule
31mm x 50mm black capsule
31.5mm x 50mm back capsule
32mm x 55mm black capsule
34mm x 55mm white capsule

31x55mm Clear Capsule
34 x 50mm clear heat band

Product Dimensions

150ml Worcester Sauce Bottle approx specifications


Fill Height51.4mm
Label Panel95mm

315ml Worcester Sauce Bottle

PriceFrom £0.65