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Balefire's Whisky Marmalade Recipe

In this weeks blog we have a very special recipe from Balefire. Balefire are a hot sauce company based in County Durham in the North of England.

Created by twin brothers Pete and Jim. Who both have a passion for great food and drink. They created Balefire (which means Bonfire in Anglo-Saxon) so they could share their passion for food combined with fiery flavours.

Recently they posted an interesting recipe on Instagram using some oranges that were destined to end up in landfill! We thought this was amazing. So we invited them to share their recipe on our blog.

And to make things even more amazing. They created 30 jars of Marmalade which they will be handing out for free. To help raise money for a charity called Junction7.

Junction 7 is a food bank, but much more than that. They offer financial support, cooking classes, a community garden just to name a few things. Ran by Jane and Simon, a lovely couple. Balefire try to support when we can, hence the free marmalade. They take donations through PayPal or check out their Facebook Page to learn more.
Pete - Balefire

Whisky Orange Marmalade Recipe

Balefire's Whisky Marmalade Recipe

As promised here is the amazing Whisky Marmalade Recipe from Pete at Balefire. What a perfect way to use up some unwanted oranges. And what better way to store it than in some Sen5es glass jars.


  • 6kg sugar

  • 2kg Seville oranges

  • 2kg blood oranges

  • 250g lemons

  • 1ltr orange juice

  • 3ltr spring water

  • 400ml Peated Islay Whisky (optional)



  1. Wash the Seville oranges and slice the skin, take a little of the pith as it’ll add to the bitterness, yum. Shred that skin in to little matchstick sized pieces.

  2. Juice the Seville and blood oranges and the lemon and strain the juice. Save the bits and the juiced oranges, you’re going to put these into a muslin bag to extract the pectin and some flavour.

  3. Put the sugar, juice and water into a large jam pan and stir until the sugar has dissolved.

  4. Put the orangey bits in the muslin bag into the sugary, juicey water and boil for about an hour to get as much pectin from the orange as possible.

  5. Carefully remove the bag, allow to cool a little then squeeze as much liquid as possible from it, that goes into the pan.

  6. Skim off any scummy bits from the liquid then add the shredded orange.

  7. As an optional extra add 400ml of Peated Islay Whisky. This will give you Marmalade a whisky twist!

  8. Cook until the orange skins are soft and caramelised.

  9. Check the temperature, you’re looking for 105 degrees Celsius, the setting point of jam. Double check with the plate wrinkle test, you know the one.

  10. Put that beautiful marmalade into some Sen5es jars, then have a cup of tea.

jars of orange marmalade

Top Uses for Seville Orange Marmalade

  1. On toast. Obviously!

  2. Why not give your porridge a tangy twist.

  3. Smother on freshly cooked pancakes.

  4. Slather over roast pork part way through cooking to create an orangey glaze.

  5. Make a marmalade swiss roll. Simply replace your normal jam with this tasty marmalade!

Jars of whisky orange marmalade
This Marmalade looks delicious!

What a great recipe! And a fantastic cause. Thank you to Pete for sharing this one with us. Make sure you go and follow them on Instagram. And make sure you check out Junction7 as well.

Have you ever tried making marmalade before? Why not give it a go and make some for your friends and family. They will be impressed. That's for sure!

What do you think of this recipe from Balefire? What do you want to see us cook up next for our glass jars and bottles? Or do you have your own recipe that you want featured in our blog? Let us know in the comments below!

Don't forget you can keep up to date with all the latest news at Sen5es by following us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also tag us in your product shots to show off how you use our amazing glass jars!

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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