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Celebrating Sen5es 11th Birthday!

This Sunday will mark the 11th year since Sen5es Bottles was founded.

Celebrating Sen5es 11th birthday

Stuart 11 Years of Sen5es

As most of you will already know, Stuart is the founder of Sen5es from his home and it has only grown since then.

He had no idea when he started how quickly the business would progress but his dedication hasn't changed in the last eleven years.

We are proud to have been a top quality provider of glass bottles and jars for the last eleven years and in this blog we would like to highlight the changes to our growing company over this last year.

Sen5es warehouse and van
The Sen5es Warehouse

Our warehouse is in constant change as we expand our product range and we have been aiming to make sure we can still bring you great value throughout the tough economic climate, without sacrificing our quality.

This year we have been even more ambitious when it came to stock and have ordered more than ever before and while we might have struggled to find a place for it all at first, we have managed to optimise our storing and now can ensure we don't run out of stock, especially on our customer favorites.

Work was begun on our new photo-booth for creating higher quality photos and videos. The process required some experimentation but is up and ready to go. We are very excited to see what we will be able to produce in both videos and photos!

Constantly in motion we have pallets leaving and arriving on a daily basis and we are always happy to see them arrive as much as when we see them go.

Our forklift driver has known no rest as there seems to be always something that needs to be moved. We couldn't be happier to be this busy and we appreciate everyone who makes it possible.

Whether you are a first time customer or have been with us from the beginning, we appreciate each of our customers and we hope that this comes across in our service to you are excited to see what the future will bring.

We hope you will join us in celebrating the 11th birthday of Sen5es and we hope we can continue to deliver top quality service to you for many more years to come. Please wish us a happy birthday on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page. We can also be found on Tumblr and TokTok.

All the best,

The Sen5es Team

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