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Gift ideas and lifestyle: Indoor herb garden

We love cooking at Sen5es and we believe that it's always best to have the freshest ingredients to hand when you are creating stunning meals. So we thought why not create a handy indoor herb garden using our amazing jars!

In this weeks blog we show you a quick and easy way to create an awesome indoor herb garden using a variety of glass jars.

This is the perfect way to keep your herbs fresh and ready for use.


Step 1

We debated which comes first. The herbs or the jars. It's a real chicken and egg situation. I've decided we should go for the herbs first. This way we know how many jars we need.

Head out to your local garden center and choose around 6 of your favourite herbs. Make sure you only buy small plants. Unless you buy extra big jars like our 1550ml KilnClip Jar!

Fresh herbs

Step 2

Or step 1 if you really want. Get yourself some good quality jars. I'd recommend our 277ml Tall jars as they are strong, tall and can hold enough soil.

Step 3

Start planting! Take your plants out of their original pots and loosen the soil a little. Make sure you save the soil as you may need it to top up your jar!

Make sure the soil isn't overflowing. Allow around half a centimeter at the top of the jars for watering.

Once the plants are in and ready give them a nice drink to help them settle in.

Herbs in glass jars
Add some twine and cute labels to decorate your jars

Step 4

Decorate your jars and find a nice sunny spot in your kitchen to display them!

Turn this in to a feature and make sure they are looking nice and healthy all year round.


How easy is that little life hack/home organisation? We love using our jars as decoration and to make our lives easier. Will you be doing this at home? Comment below and make sure you tag us in any pictures on social media.

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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