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Our 18.5mm high top glass cork is our first ever glass based cork. We have found that this cork works with our range of polo bottles. However we recomend to all of our customers to test the corks and bottle with their products first before commiting to larger order.


The cork is manufactured by Vinolok corks and is of the highest quality. They have provided us with some handy tips to see if this cork works for your bottle.


  1. Make sure the inner neck diameter of your bottle matches the size of the cork. In this case the inner meaurement should be 18.5mm
  2. Test the corks on several bottles! The corks should be easily inserted and removed by hand.
  3. Apply a shaking test. Lift the bottle up by the cork only and give it a little shake. The cork should not fall out of the bottle.
  4. Lastly do the leak test. Fill the bottle and leave laying on it's side for 5 minutes to ensure there are no leaks.


This cork will suit any premium spirit such as gin, whisky, rum etc. This really is a special cork so if you are looking for something special for your product, look no further.

This bottle cap is perfect for…

Our 18.5mm high top glass corks are perfect for using with spirits, liquors, soft drinks, oils and wines.
Compatible bottles

This glass cork will fit the following of our bottles.

250ml Polo Bottle

500ml Polo Bottle

700ml Polo Bottle


We recommend pairing this cork with our 34 x 50mm heat shrink bands to create a tamper evident seal.


The corks fit in the following bottles. However they are screw top bottles and aren't the best for corks.


200ml Flask Bottle

250ml Soft Drink Bottle

330ml Soft Drink Bottle

500ml Soft Drink Bottle

750ml Soft Drink Bottle

1000ml Soft Drink Bottle

It is suitable for many other bottles with a 18.5mm bore hole. As with using this cork with our polo bottles. If you are using them with a bottle that wasn’t purchased from us, we recommend doing a product compatibility test before ordering large quantities by following the steps above.

18.5mm High Top Glass Cork