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This flask bottle is a classic shape and is supplied in a 200ml capacity. It is supplied with a variety of different caps, including plastic and metal. The small size is perfect for small batches of alcohol and other drinks. The premium feel and simple shape give this bottle a great overall aesthetic.

This glass bottle is perfect for…

Our 200ml Flask bottle is perfect for spirits, liquors, sloe gin, oils, or any high-quality premium products. It can even be used for sauces, juices or kombucha.

This glass bottle is supplied with either plastic or metal caps which can be applied by hand. We also supply a heat shrink capsules to add another level of tamper evidence to your product.

All of our bottles are supplied with caps but if you would like to purchase extras please follow the links below.

28mm Plastic Caps (Black caps only)
28mm Metal Caps

28mm Metal Caps with Security Seal
34x50mm Clear Band

Product Dimensions

200ml Flask Bottle approx specifications