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The 2000ml or 2 Litre Old bohemian is a premium Growler with a large swingtop cap. These are beautiful works of art from the design to the application. Growlers are large containers for beers and ales they have many uses, from a premium carry out from a pub to a great bottle to share at meal times at beaches and BBQs.

This glass bottle is perfect for…

Our 2000ml old bohemian growler is perfect for stouts, ales, IPAs, pale ales, dark ales, ciders and beer. The bottle can also be used for any other mildly fizzy drinks, including kombucha.


This glass bottle is supplied with a ceramic swingstopper caps which is included with the bottle.

Extra caps are available on request. Please contact us to learn more.

Product Dimensions

2000ml Old Bohemian Growler approx specifications.


Fill Heightmm
Label Panelmm

2000ml Old Bohemian

PriceFrom £14.99
    • 2000ml or 2 litre Capacity
    • Made from high quality amber glass.
    • Amber glass offers UV protection for the contents
    • Great for commercial and domestic use.
    • Perfect for ale, stout, cider and beer.
    • No minimum order quantity.
    • Discounts on larger volumes.

    Read below for more information.