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The 22.5mm micro agglomerate cork is supplied with a black wooden top, dark brown wood top or light brown wooden top. Micro agglomerate corks are perfect for use with alcoholic products as they give low oxygen transmission rates to your product. These corks are made from natural micro-granules that are uniform in size. This means that they have a more uniform appearance, a smoother feel and are easier to product. This means they are a cheaper alternative to natural and synthetic corks.

This bottle cork is perfect for…

This cork is perfect for using with spirits, liquors, soft drinks, oils and wines.
Compatible bottles


This cork is available with either a black wood top, dark brown wood top or light brown wood top finish. Simply choose your preferred option when choosing the product.


This cork will fit the following of our bottles.


700ml Nocturne Bottle

700ml Olio Bottle

The cork is suitable for bottles with a 21.5mm bore hole. If you are using with a bottle that wasn’t purchased from us, we strongly recommend doing a product compatibility test before ordering large quantities.

22.5mm Micro Agglomerate Cork

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