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The 24mm R6 Plastic cap is made from strong and durable plastic and is available in 2 options. A plain black with a epe liner or a black cap with a dripper insert. When the dripper cap is applied the dripper insert will be pushed on to the top of the bottle. So when your customer opens the bottle there will be a convenient dripper in the neck of the bottle. The dripper hole is pin hole size, so it’s suited for thinner liquids like Worcester sauce. This cap works perfectly with our 150ml Worcester sauce bottle.

This bottle cap is perfect for…

Our 24mm R6 plastic caps are perfect for chilli sauces, ketchups, BBQ sauces, dipping sauces, oils and vinegars.
Compatible bottles

This cap is available in black, white or black with the dripper insert.

This cap will fit the following of our bottles.

150ml Worcester Sauce Bottle

The cap is suitable for bottles with a 24mm neck and an R6 thread. If you are using with a bottle that wasn’t purchased from us, we strongly recommend doing a product compatibility test before ordering large quantities.

Please note this cap does not work with our 100ml Dorica oil bottle.

24mm R6 Plastic Caps

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