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Our plastic swing stopper caps are made using high quality durable plastic and stainless steel wires. Creating a strong and reliable cap for any swing top bottle.

This swingstopper cap is perfect for…

Our plastic swing toppers are perfect for use with standard size swing top bottles including growlers, water bottles and juice bottles.
Compatible bottles

This cap is available in either white, blue or green.

This cap will fit the following of our jars and bottles.


330ml Swingstopper Bottle
500ml Swingstopper Bottle
1000ml Siphon

Plastic Swingstopper

PriceFrom £0.36
Cap Colour
    • Made from strong durable materials.
    • 3 colour options including white, blue, green or black.
    • Great for commercial and domestic use.
    • For use with our 500ml swing top bottle or 1000ml siphon growler.
    • No minimum order quantity.
    • Discounts on larger volumes.<