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5 Easter Crafts Using Glass Bottle And Jars

It's been a while since we last had a craft blog. And with Easter just around the corner it's time to get crafty! We've come up with 5 great ideas to use empty glass bottles and glass jars to make some awesome gifts for Easter.

This year Easter falls on Sunday 9th April. So you have time to make these crafts this weekend before giving them to your friends and family next weekend. Making a hand crafted gift from some recycled or leftover glass jars and bottles is a great way to make people feel loved without having to spend too much money.

We love getting crafty at Sen5es and have found these 5 awesome ways to reuse some old or unused glass jars and glass bottles. If you need any brand new bottles or jars. Make sure you head over to our online jar and bottle store to stock up before Easter!

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Cute Animal Mason Mugs

In this craft by No. 2 Pencil they teach you how to make these super cute chick and bunny mason jars.

These would look great with our 450ml Mason Mugs or 630ml Mason mugs to create some cute Easter drinking mugs! Just make sure the handle is on the opposite side to the face and it should look great!

Don't you think a child would love drinking their water or juice out of one of these cute and colourful jars?

Bunny Storage Jars

These cute bunny jars from Make Life Lovely can be made in all sorts of sizes. We think they would look great with an of our round glass jars. Like our 125ml Round Jar and the 277ml Round jar. Both of those have wide mouths which makes them perfect for storing chocolates and sweets in!

They'd also make great decorations for around the home. Picture them on a mantle piece next to a bunch of beautiful spring flowers.

Chocolate Egg Jar

When you think of Easter most people tend to think of chocolate Easter eggs. We know there is far more to Easter than that. But for those who are only thinking of chocolate. You can decorate a glass jar like Create Craft Love to make the perfect house for some tasty chocolate treats.

We'd recommend using our classic 190ml round jar for this craft. You can fit a decent amount of mini eggs in each jar and it has a big enough label panel to add your Easter decorations.

The great thing about this craft is that you can decorate each jar slightly differently so each of your recipients will receive a personalised gift.

Bunny Slime Jars

For those kids who prefer slime to sweet treats. The Best Ideas For Kids have these amazing bunny slime jars. The slime is brightly coloured and will show through any clear glass jars. With matching accessories these jars will look great at a party for Easter.

For these bunny slime jars we would recommend using our 350ml Le Parfait Familia Wiss Terrine Jars. They are short and fat and will make cute little bunny faces.

Easter Bunny Bottles

Make your very own Easter bunny bottle just like Teacher Baker Maker. These are great for decorating your house to show the beginning of spring. They also work well as vases for small amounts of spring flowers.

Our 750ml soft drink bottle or 750ml bordeaux wine bottle make perfect flower holders. The fact that they are clear glass makes them easy to paint and decorate.

Again this craft is really customisable and can be changed to your personal preferences of colours and designs. You can even use a few different height bottles to create an interesting feature.

Which of these amazing crafts will you be making this year? All 5 crafts are perfect to do with children and help them explore their creativity. Just make sure there is always an adult to hand if they need help.

If you do make one of these crafty designs we would love to see it! Make sure you take a picture of your Easter project and post it on Instagram. Use the #sen5esbottles to make sure we get to see it!

And don't forget you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest news and blogs.

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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