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How to Make Spooky Halloween Bottles!

It's officially Halloween season!

Have you got anything planned for Halloween? Are you carving pumpkins? Maybe hosting a party? Or taking your kids our trick or treating?

Whatever you are up to you will need some suitably spooky decorations to make your home more haunted. And in this guide we have you covered!

We have another guest post from Jo over at Johanna Craft Designs. She will show you how to take some ordinary glass bottles and turn them in to some spooky Halloween light up monsters!

Homemade halloween decorations
Check out our spooky bottles!

Materials You Will Need

  • Bottles! For this example we have use our 750ml clear wine bottle but any 750ml bottle will do the trick.

  • PVA Glue

  • Tissue paper

  • Black paper or vinyl stickers

  • Paint, paintbrushes and other arts and craft supplies!

  • Bottle cork lights

Instructions For Making Halloween Light Up Bottles

In our example we will be making a spooky Mummy. But as you can see you can make these bottles in to anything with a little imagination. Just find some different coloured tissue paper and get creative!

1. Get one of our 750ml wine bottles or a similar wine bottle you have at home. This is a perfect recycling project!

2. Cover in white tissue paper (or a different colour depending on which spooky creation you are making). Use PVA glue to stick the tissue paper to the bottle.

light up bottle decorations
Make sure you cover the entire bottle in tissue paper.

3. Using either some black paper or vinyl cut out the eyes, mouth etc for your spooky creation. We have used some simple scary eyes for our bottle. Stick the shapes on to the bottle using your PVA glue.

how to make homemade halloween decorations
Get creative with your spooky eyes!

4. To give our Mummy more character, rip up some tissue paper and stick around the eyes to make it look like the Mummy's bandages are falling apart!

Halloween bottle lights
Add extra tissue paper to add more detail.

5. Dab some black paint over parts of the paper on the bottles to depth to the details. This will make your Mummy look more weathered and realistic.

spooky halloween bottles
Add the final touches to your bottle.

6. Place a bottle light inside the neck of the bottle, switch on and you have your self a Halloween spooky Mummy decoration!

Halloween spooky bottle decoration
The bottle goes great in any halloween display!

The great thing about this arts and crafts activity is that you can be endlessly creative. Do you have green tissue paper? Why not make a Witch!

You can make endless different faces and monsters for each bottle. The possibilities are endless. Making this a fantastic rainy day project to do with kids.

What monster are you going to make this Halloween! We'd love to see your spooky creations!

Make sure you take a picture of your spooky Halloween bottle and post it on Instagram. Use the #sen5esbottles to make sure we get to see it!

And don't forget you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest news and blogs.

All the best

The Team at Sen5es

How to make spooky halloween bottles

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