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Customer Spotlight: Johanna Design Crafts

Welcome back to another customer spotlight! This is one of our blog series where we highlight an awesome customer who uses our fantastic glass jars or glass bottles in their business.

So far we've had customer who use our beer bottles for their breweries, our sauce bottles for their hot sauce companies, our spirit bottles for the gin distilleries. And now we have our very first craft business.

Johanna Design Crafts is a small business that started in 2020 during the lockdowns in England. Jo is our owner Stuart's partner. And decided to capitalise on her love of crafts and design and her obvious ability to acquire bottles and jars and created a business.

We were lucky enough to talk to her about her business and where she hopes to progress in the future. Check out the full interview below!

Johanna Design Crafts on Etsy

Hi Jo! How are you?

Thank you for joining us today for the latest addition of our customer spotlight series. We are very excited to be showcasing a type of business that we haven’t had before. A craft and design business! Can you tell us a little bit about you and your business?

Hello Paul, I am well thanks, how are you? Thank you showing an interest in Johanna Design Crafts, how exciting to be the first craft business you have interviewed.

I have an eclectic taste which comes from exposure to many influences and seeing the beauty in many types of nature and design. I live in Cheshire with my lovely family and pets.

I'm great, thank you! Speaking of your lovely family we should probably mention that you are Sen5es owner Stuart's partner! How is it being surrounded by bottles 24-7?

I knew what I was letting myself in for after our first date, Stuarts passion for Sen5es and how he has grown his business is inspirational.

hand painted bottle light
Our 250ml Polo Bottle makes a great bottle light!

When did you first get in to designing and making things?

Ever since I can remember I have had a strong pull towards making, my mum played an inspirational part in that through discussing ideas and finding objects to make things with. At the age of ten I started making jewellery and selling them at local carnivals and fetes.

I went on to do a degree in design crafts and have always wanted to create and sell, however found myself building a career as an operations manager in the aerospace industry, very different paths and lucky to be able to do both.

And when did you decide to turn it in to a business?

Late 2020 I opened my Esty shop,, which has been really rewarding, it is lovely when someone buys something you have created.

light up glass bottle
Jo uses our bottles for her crafts

Your shop hasn’t been open long, but it looks like you are getting good feedback. Are people enjoying your products?

I believe so, I have a 5-star rating, which gives potential customers reassurance of the quality service and products they will receive.

Have there been any difficulties trying to start your business during this pandemic?

It is a very small business, and I am doing this as well as working full time, so at the moment it is more of a hobby which I hope will grow as more people get to know me and I grow the product range.

Hand painted gin glasses
Jo hand painted gin glasses

What is your favourite thing to make?

Decorating the personalized bottles is enjoyable, as they are for a happy occasion, a wedding, anniversary, birthday. I will be extending this range over the coming months as well as having some seasonal bottles for Christmas.

Jo uses our 500ml Dorica Oil Bottle for her etched oil bottle designs

Looking at your Etsy shop, it looks like you use quite a few of our bottles for your products. It must be quite convenient having access to all the wonderful bottles at Sen5es! Which products do you use currently and how do you find them?

Yes, I certainly do, I particularly like using the spirit bottles for light up bottles, the base of bottle is thick, and the light reflections are pretty. In addition, the bottle is designed for a quality product, so this translate well to my products.

My favourite has to be your olive oil bottles. How do you etch the design on to the bottle?

I am glad to hear this, I like them too, they make for a great gift for a foodie lover. I cut and mask off the bottle leaving the area I wish to etch, I use an etching cream which removes a little of the glass leaving a finish which is subtle and elegant, this is also prefect for a bottle that will hold food and drink as etching is dishwasher safe.

What have you got planned next for your business? What designs can we see in the future?

My next project will be designing a range of light up bottles that are decorated with wire work and glass beads, these will be decorative personalized pieces.

What’s it like using Etsy as your main outlet?

It works, there are a lot of makers selling on Etsy, it is a wonder that Johanna Design Crafts ever gets found. Potential customers can like your listings, which is good for feedback and the platform is very easy to use compared to other similar offerings.

Would you consider creating your own website to sell your products?

One for the future definitely, at the moment Etsy works quite well whilst I am building up the portfolio of items.

How would you recommend Sen5es as a supplier? Would you recommend us to others?

Sen5es offers a reliable service, and also it is great that you don’t have to order a pallet of your stocked items, being able to order small quantities and get them delivered fast is really helpful for me. I recommend Sen5es to others.

What did you think of our first craft business customer spotlight? If you haven't already go and check out Johanna Design Crafts on Etsy and see what awesome gifts you can find.

You can also follow Jo over on Instagram to keep up to date with all her latest designs and creations.

Don't forget to give us a follow while you are over there. Follow us on on Instagram and Facebook to get all the latest news from Sen5es. We love connecting with our customers and we love seeing what you are up to.

If you want to be featured in our customer spotlight series. Just get in touch and let us know!

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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