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How To Cut Glass Bottles In Half

Have you ever wondered how to cut a glass bottle in half? Maybe you have a cool craft idea in mind but you only need half of your bottle? Look no further. We have found 4 ways to cut a glass bottle in half. We have also chosen our favourite which we have saved to the end.

If you are looking for some crafty inspiration for your recently cut bottles, we have a couple of blogs that require exactly that! Check out our top 10 ways to reuse glass bottles blog. In it you will find loads of ideas for using half bottles!

Alternatively you can also use brand new bottles if you are looking to create your own product like candles or glasses. We'd recommend either our 750ml green wine bottle or maybe a 700ml polo spirit bottle.

So grab your favourite empty bottle. Maybe a fancy gin bottle that you recently enjoyed and finished and follow along below to cut it in half and then create something amazing that will brighten up your home.

How to cut bottles in half

A Few Important Thing To Note For Each Method

Before we get started with the methods just a quick note about some safety measures that need to be considered.

  • Be careful of sharp glass. Especially when freshly cut using any of the methods used below.

  • Be careful of boiling water.

  • Wear eye protection and gloves.

  • Sanding glass can create glass shards that get in to the air that we breath. Wear a high quality sanding mask or sand the bottle under water.

  • Make sure the bottle is clean and ready to be cut. Remove any labels, glue or debris from where you want the cut to be.

take care when cutting bottles in half
Take extra care with this project!

Method 1: Cut A Bottle With A Flame

  1. Score round the bottle using a glass knife. Make sure you keep the bottle straight and only go round the bottle once.

  2. Use a candle or butane torch to heat the bottle along the score line you have made. Keep rotating the bottle heating the score evenly.

  3. Dip the bottle in to a bucket of cold water.

  4. Repeat the process until your bottle snaps in half.

  5. Sand the bottle down using a rough grit sandpaper. Moving to a finer grit as you progress. Be careful of your fingers and shards of glass.

Method 2: Using Boiling Water

  1. Again score round the bottle using a glass knife. Make sure you keep the bottle straight and only go round the bottle once.

  2. Boil you kettle and have you cold water tap running at the sink.

  3. This method works by causing thermal shock within the glass. So you will need to pour boiling water over the score line. Then immediately after pour cold water over it.

  4. Repeat the process until the bottle fractures along the score line.

  5. Sand down the sharp edges using sand paper. Starting at a rough grit and working your way up to a fine grit.

cutting bottles. Picture by cottonbro from pexels

Method 3: Using String

  1. Wrap a piece of string or yarn around your bottle at the point you want it to break in half. Wrap the string around the bottle a few times and tie together. Cut off the excess string.

  2. Slide the string off the end of the bottle and soak it in acetone.

  3. Make sure the string is completely soaked and then slide back on to the bottle.

  4. Make sure the loops of string are close together and it's placed on the exact spot you want the bottle to break.

  5. Set the string on fire. Make sure you are very careful at this stage. Rotate the bottle slowly to ensure the fire spreads evenly around the bottle.

  6. Wait for the fire on the string to go out and then dunk the bottle in cold water. The bottle should crack at the point where the string was wrapped.

  7. Again sand down the end of the bottle. Starting with rough sand paper and working your way to a finer grit.

Method 4: Using A Bottle Cutter (Sen5es Top Method)

  1. Use the glass cutter to make a light and even score all the way around the bottle. Make sure you only go all the way round only once, repeat passes actually make the bottle more likely to crack instead of cut. Apply a firm pressure but don't push too hard.

  2. Get a kettle or pot of 90°C water. You want hot water but not quite boiling. Boiling water may cause the bottle to crack.

  3. Pour the hot water along the score line. Rotating the bottle and pouring evenly around the whole bottle.

  4. Then immediately pour cold water over the score line. It's best just to use water straight out of the tap for this.

  5. Repeat the hot and cold water process until your bottle eventually breaks along the score line you have created.

  6. Once the bottle is cut in half sand the pieces using rough and then fine sand paper.

how to cut glass bottles. Picture by cottonbro from pexels

What do you think of our latest guide? Will you be cutting up some of your favourite bottles? Why not try making a candle from a bottle? Or maybe some gin glasses made from gin bottles? The possibilities are endless. And we'd love to see what you do!

Make sure you tag us in any social media posts and follow us for more updates! You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to tag us in all your awesome product shots and use the hashtag #sen5esbottles. We love seeing our products in the wild!

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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