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Top 10 ways to reuse and up-cycle glass jars and bottles!

Everyone loves a bit of organisation, don't they? Having a clean and organised home or workplace makes life a little easier and everyone a little more productive.

In this blog we will go through a few cool ideas on how to reuse and recycle some of our products in to awesome home organising helpers and much more.

Remember glass is the perfect packaging as it is endlessly recyclable. However it doesn't need to be recycled straight away. It can be up-cycled!

Check out our top 10 uses for re using glass jars and bottles before you recycle them below.

1. Organising your food cupboard

This is a pretty obvious one. But we've all seen those amazingly organised pantries on Pinterest. Where someone has used jars and a label maker to transform a pantry in to an organised wonderland.

storage jar organisation
Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

2. Sorting your spices

Having all of your spices labelled and in one place makes cooking easier and more enjoyable! And using the same jar for every spice will help you to keep your cupboard or drawer neat and tidy.

We recommend our 60ml Powder jar for this exact reason. They are sold in packs of 40 and will certainly neaten up your spices.

3. Arts and craft organisation

My sister loves this one. She's a teacher and therefore always has lots of arts and craft stuff both at home and in the classroom. Glass jars are the perfect way to store lots of various arts and craft items.

arts and craft supplies in jars
Store all sorts of arts and craft supplies in your recycled jars.

4. A money box

This is a really simple way to store all that loose change you accumulate or to let your child save their pocket money in.

  1. Find an empty jar with a lid and clean thoroughly.

  2. Cut a hole in the lid using a sharp blade. Be very careful not to cut yourself!

  3. Make sure the opening is the right size for the money to go in.

  4. Put the lid back on and start saving those pennies!

5. A strong and sturdy door stop

This a really simple one but can look really cool. Especially if you have a big and impressive bottle like our 2L Old Bohemian Growler bottle.

6. An elegant flower Vase

It's surprising how elegant you can make a few flowers look when they are placed in some nice bottles. Finish off with some twine or ribbon to complete the look! We've used a really tall bottle for our Daffodils, the 700ml Tall Spirit Bottle. So we've used some sand to help them stand higher.

flowers in a glass bottle
Some Daffodils always brighten up the day.

7. Handy bathroom organisers

The great thing about glass jars is that they can be cleaned in the dishwasher! So if you use them for storing toothbrushes, toothpaste etc and they get dirty. You can just chuck them in the dishwasher!

glass jar holding toothbrushes
Our 277ml tall jar is perfect for holding toothbrushes!

8. Cute candle holders

If you have a jar with a reasonable sized opening you can use them to put tea light candles in. These can then be used in the garden and they are less likely to be put out by the wind! They are a great addition to a BBQ to help it last long in to the evening. For using with tea lights, make sure your jar has a lid 58mm in size or larger.

glass jars with tealight candles inside
Any jar with a 58mm lid of larger can fit a standard sized tea light candle in.

9. Use as your work lunch box!

As shown in our healthy eating blog, storage jars can be used to make your own pot noodles. These are a tasty and healthy lunch to take to work.

10. Make your own preserves and spreads

Making your own peanut butter is simple and healthy. So why not re use some old jam jars and give it a go yourself. Just make sure you give them a thorough wash and sterilise them before use!

How do you re-use or up-cycle your glass jars and bottles? Have you tried any of the above ideas? We'd love to hear what you have been up to. So comment below or tag us in posts on social media to show off your handy organisation and recycling skills.

All the best

The team at Sen5es.

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