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Sen5es Top 10 Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles

As you know Sen5es has a large range of glass bottles for sale. Ranging from glass beer bottles, perfect for any home brewer or brewery. To spirit bottles, perfect for gin distilleries, whisky makers and many more.

As well as selling a wide range of new glass bottles we also feel it's important to reuse as much as possible. So we've come up with our top 10 ways to reuse glass bottles once they have been finished with! And before they are eventually recycled and turned in to more bottles!

Have you finished your favourite gin recently that comes in a beautiful glass bottle? Why not reuse it and turn it into one of our suggestions below.

1. Wine Bottle Glasses

By cutting your bottles about halfway up (depending on the size of the bottle) you can turn your empty bottles in to beautiful glasses. Check out this youtube tutorial on how to do this safely!

recycled glass wine bottle glasses
Recycled Wine Bottle Glasses by Bodhicitta

2. Glass Bottle Light fittings

If you've chopped your bottles in half and have used the bottom half to make a glass. Why not use the top half to create a funky lampshade for your lights.

Wine Bottle Lampshades
Wine Bottle Lampshades Via BoredPanda

3. Bottle Herb Planters

This one require the whole bottle but still requires some cutting. Cut the bottle in half and turn the top upside down. You now have a self watering plant pot for all your kitchen herbs!

Bottle planters by Design Sponge

4. Candles

This is similar to our first suggestion but this time use the bottom of the bottle to create some beautiful smelling candles. Check out our candle making blog where we made candles out of glass jars. Simply replace the jars with your cut bottles and you are good to go!

5. Soap Dispenser

This works perfectly with liquid soap. Take your empty bottle and find a relevant pump lid online that fits. Then fill your bottle with you chosen soap and voila.

6. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

This takes a little more handiwork and some wood. Check out the full tutorial on how to make this amazing bird feeder here.

7. Gin Bottle Lamp

Do you want to keep the whole of your leftover gin bottle? Does it have a beautiful pattern on it? Why not turn it in to a beautiful lamp. Simply drill a whole in the bottle. Thread the wire through. And add the fitment to the top.

8. Seedling Plant Protectors

This is another use for the top part of your bottles. When planting seeds, especially of vegetables. Put these over the top to keep them protected from wildlife. They are a lot stronger than plastic bottles and a lot better for the environment. You can even add your own labels so you know what it's protecting.

9. Table Centrepiece

Get creative and make a beautiful centre piece for your table using a few old bottles. You could even tailor the centrepiece depending on what time of year it is.

10. Make Your Own Products

What better way to reuse bottles than by filling them with some home made products! Do you have some small bottles? Check out our hot sauce recipe! Maybe you have some wine bottles? Check out our elderflower cordial recipe!

What do you think of our latest blog? Will you be trying any of these creations? Let us know in the comments below!

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If you need any new bottle or jars for any of your projects head over to our online store to see our full range of glass bottles and glass jars!

All the best

The Team at Sen5es

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