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How to make candle jar gifts

Have you ever wondered how to make candles? Or have you wanted to make a home made and personal gift for a friend or family member?

In our blog this week we go through the 6 simple steps on how to turn a simple glass jar in to a beautiful candle. Which is perfect for giving away as a gift or using at home.

For these simple candles you can re use or recycle some old jam jars from home or we would suggest using our 125ml Round jar. We used this glass jar when we wrote the blog and they worked perfectly.

We find these glass jars are the perfect size and shape for candles. The straight sides mean it's easy to pour the wax in and get the wick straight.

What you need to make candles in jam jars
What you need to make candles in jam jars

What you need

  • Soya wax flakes (we found 100g fills 1 of our 125ml round jars)

  • Fragrance Oils (5ml per 100g of wax)

  • Wooden Spoon

  • Measuring Jug

  • Sauce pan and heat proof bowl

  • Toothpicks

  • Pre made wicks

  • 125ml Glass jars to be turned in to candles. Or a recycled alternative

How to make your home made candles

Prepare your jar for your candle
Step 1 - Prepare your jar for your candle

Step 1. After you've chosen the jar you would like to use to house your candle, make sure your wick is tall enough for the size of the jar.

secure your wick ready to make your candle
Step 2 - Secure your wick

Step 2. Secure your wick so it stands upright in the centre of your jar. We found a toothpick is the perfect width for this size jar. However if you use a wider jar you may need a winder stick.

Melt soya wax flakes to make jar candle
Step 3 - Melt your soya wax flakes

Step 3. Melt 100g of soya wax flakes per 125ml round jar. If you are using a bigger jar we would recommend doing 100g of soya was per 100ml of liquid for the jar. So if you have a 300ml jar use 300g of soya wax flakes.

To melt simply put in a heat proof bowl above some boiling water in a pan and heat gently until the wax is fully melted and clear.

making a scented candle in a jar
Step 4 - Add your desired scent and mix

Step 4. Once melted, transfer to a heat proof measuring jug with pourer and add your scent. We chose the baby powder scent from hobby craft on this occasion. But this is all personal preference. So choose which you like the smell of the most!

You need to add 5ml per 100g of wax. Once added, mix thoroughly using a wooden spoon.

If you wanted to you could also add some coloured dye at this point to make your candles stand out!

Pouring wax in to a glass jar
Step 5 - Pour your wax in to your jar

Step 5. Pour your mixture in to the jar. Be sure to keep the wick straight and centred.

Fill to just below brimful. We left about 10mm at the top of the jar.

Finished candle in a glass jam jar
Step 6 - Allow to cool and cut your wick

Step 6. Allow the candle to cool for at least 24 hours.

Cut the excess wick, leaving at least 1cm above the top of the candle.

You can then seal the jar up with a lid and it's ready to be given as a present! You can even add labels, ribbons or bows as a final touch.

Homemade candle in a glass jam jar
The candle is ready for your finishing touches

What a great idea for an easy to make gift! We think this is a fantastic way to use up some old jam jars or even some brand new ones!

These home made candles are so fun and easy to make, you can do them in an hour. You can even get your kids involved and turn it in to a rainy day activity.

What scent would you choose for your own candle? Would it be linen? Freshly cut grass? Or even McDonalds!? Whatever you decide, be sure to let us know how you get on using our handy guide on making candles using jam jars.

If you have any more suggestions for DIY jar or bottles projects, let us know if the comments below. Or tag us/ DM us on social media. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to tag us in all your awesome product shots and use the #sen5esbottles. We love seeing our guides being used by you.

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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