Product Spotlight: 250ml Dorica Oil Bottle

Within Sen5es range of incredible glass bottles we have a whole section dedicated to Oil Bottles. In this family you will find our 250ml Dorica Oil Bottle. Which, as you may have guessed, is the subject of this months product spotlight!

The 250ml Dorica Oil bottle is a tall and slim glass bottle which is perfect for all kinds of oil, sauces, vinegars, cordials and more.

250ml glass olive oil bottle

Glass Oil Bottle

The 250ml dorica is part of the dorica family. The same style bottle is also available in a 100ml dorica and 500ml dorica. Which makes it perfect for offering different sizes of your products. Allowing your customers to test your products out first before committing to larger sizes. And then once they love your product they can buy the even bigger size!

The bottle itself is tall and slim. It has an elegant look to it and is classically pleasing. The bottle can be used for any type of cooking oil and can also be used for sauces, vinegars, cordials, juices and more.

250ml dorica olive oil bottle