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The 100ml Flint Dorica Oil Bottle with a 24mm cap is an elegant little bottle. Perfect for smaller quantities of oils and sauces and great for gifts or samples. This glass oil bottle is supplied with a variety of caps and heat shrink capsules.

This glass bottle is perfect for…

Our 100ml Dorica oil bottle is perfect for for chilli oils, olive oils, rapeseed oils, nut oils, fish sauce, satay sauce, cooking sauces, dipping sauces, spirits, vinegars, sloe gin and wedding favours.

This glass bottle is supplied with a choice of 2 different caps. A 24mm black plastic cap, a 24mm black plastic cap with tamper evident seal or a silver metal cap.

If you would like to purchase extra caps or shrink capsules for these bottles please follow the links below.

24mm Polycone Cap

24mm Tamper Proof Cap
34 x 50mm clear shrink bands
31.5mm x 40mm burgundy capsule

Product Dimensions

100ml Flint Dorica Oil Bottle approx specifications


Fill Height43mm
Label Panel88.2mm

100ml Flint Dorica Oil Bottle 24mm Neck

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