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Product spotlight: 50ml Mini Flask Bottle

At Sen5es we pride ourselves on our glass packaging! We are happy to present to you our 50ml Mini Flask Bottle. A very versatile, utterly splendid, classically designed spirit bottle.

This glass bottle is at home housing spirits, sauces, oils and even being used as wedding favours. In fact this particular bottle is very popular for bottling Zam Zam water as a wedding favour for Islamic weddings.

The 50ml Mini Flask bottle is the perfect sample bottle if you require one for your business. It has a classic and sleek design. And it is supplied with a choice of either a gold or silver cap. Both can be applied by hand and are made from metal with an EPE liner. Meaning they are the perfect solution for finishing off your bottle.

To add a layer of tamper evidence to the product we also offer a heat shrink band which is simple and quick to apply. Simply place it over the finished bottle and lid and apply heat to shrink it. This adds security to your finished product. So you and your customers know it hasn't been tampered with before consumption.

50ml mini flask glass bottle with silver lid
The 50ml mini flask glass bottle with silver lid

As well as this bottle allowing you to sell or give out samples of your spirits. Including gin, vodka, whisky, sloe gin, rum or any other spirit you can think of. It's also perfect for samples of sauces, oils, juices and spring water. Basically anything without carbonation can be stored in this bottle.

Creating your own wedding favours using glass jars and bottles is a great way to add a personal touch to your big day. And this little bottle is sure to make your hand made wedding favours impress your guests. When combined with your favourite spirit of choice, a beautiful label and maybe some ribbons. It will definitely impress.

A simple wedding favour idea
A simple wedding favour idea

As with all of our glass bottles, glass jars and closures. The 50ml Mini Flask bottle can be purchased in a wide variety of quantities to suit all needs. From small quantities for wedding favours to large bulk quantities for businesses.

And along with our great products and great prices you are also guaranteed to receive Sen5es famous 5 star customer service! We do everything we can to ensure you are 100% satisfied when shopping with us! So don't delay, head over to our shop now!

If there is anything else we can help you with please get in touch now! And let us know how we can help.

All the best

The team at Sen5es

50ml mini flask bottle with gold lide
The 50ml mini flask with a gold lid

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