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Product Spotlight: 700ml Eagle Bottle

What is there to say about this bottle? Other than it's sure to help your product fly off the shelf?

The 700ml eagle decanter bottle sure is unique and is very distinctive. It's perfect for making your product stand out from any other spirits out there.

We caught this bottle flying around the Lochs in the Scottish Highlands. See if you can guess where this little birdy has been flying to the last few weeks.

700ml eagle decanter bottle
We caught this shot of the eagle at a Loch on the Isle of Skye

This spirit decanter bottle is perfect to use as a gift or that special edition spirit you have been distilling. Perfect for a whisky lovers Christmas present or to show off your product in your distillery.

700ml eagle bottle
Spotted hunting on the edge of Loch Lubnaig!

The bottle is 700ml in capacity and is supplied with a natural cork stopper, the glass eagle head and 2 rubber seals to hold it in place. As you can imagine this bottle is perfect for storing your single malt whiskys in. But it's also great for storing other spirits such as rum or brandy. Whichever is your tipple of choice.

700ml glass spirit bottle
We found this eagle nesting in a tree next to Loch Lomond.

A fun fact about this bottle is that the eagle’s head acts as a glass lid and it also holds the equivalent of a double measure of alcohol. So you can show off your preferred spirit in this unique bottle at your dinner party and use it to measure your drinks. Who knew this Eagle was so multi talented?

As with all our products there are no minimum order requirements. So the Eagle spirit bottle can be purchased as a gift or in larger quantities. I know I've gifted a few of these to a few family members for their drinks cabinets and they always go down well.

Is that Nessy our feathered friend can see just out of shot? We will have to ask next time we are in Scotland.

We'd love to see your bottle adventures. Don't forget to post them on social media and tag us in the post for us to see!

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All the best

The team at Sen5es

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