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Product Spotlight: 700ml Nocturne Spirit Bottle

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

It's hard to choose when someone asks you what your favourite glass bottle is. There are so many options and so many different designs. The 700ml Nocturne bottle however has to be up there for contention.

This elegant and classic spirit bottle is timeless. It oozes class and elegance and is perfect for storing any high end spirit. You can use it to package your hand distilled gin. Or even to bottle your barrel aged whisky. No matter how many bottles you require. Sen5es will be able to help.

We pride ourselves on only stocking the best glass bottles and glass jars. We put a lot of time and research in to picking the perfect products for our online store and for our customers. So you know the bottles we stock are of the highest quality.

700ml spirit bottles
The 700ml Nocturne on the left and Polo on the right

Being one of the newest bottles in Sen5es arsenal doesn't make this bottle any less popular with our customers. It's already being used by artisan producers and small businesses alike. We are able to adapt to your needs and can supply glass bottles in small or bulk quantities.

We've previously done one of our product spotlight blogs on the whole Polo Bottle family. But we thought we would take the opportunity to showcase another of our fantastic spirit bottles. The 700ml Nocturne is the perfect alternative to the 700ml Polo Bottle. This bottle is shorter and wider than the Polo and brings a different kind of class to our range.

As well as the 700ml we also stock a 200ml Nocturne spirit bottle. Which is perfect smaller alternative to complete your line up. It's always good to offer your customers various sizes of your lovely liquors. And it's always impressive when your line up is in matching bottles.

Uses for the 700ml Nocturne Bottle

Whiskey is all about class and creating an impression on the buyer. This bottle is perfect for giving the wow factor to your delicious whiskey.

Gin is becoming more and more popular. So as a producer of gin you need to do your best to stand out from the crowd. With this high end premium spirit bottle you will do just that. Any potential customers who see this bottle will be drawn in by its quality.

Vodka's are traditionally sold in screw top bottles. But with the micro agglomerate corks that this bottle uses. You can now store your spirits safely without them spoiling.

Rum is another spirit that's on the rise. With its popularity growing it's a good idea for your product to stand out on the shelves. The 700ml Nocturne has a heavy base and a wide neck. Giving it a powerful look when on the shelf next to other 700ml Bottles.

Other spirits can of course be bottled in this beautiful bottle. Although this is a spirit bottle it can be used for other products. If you want to give them that premium feel. The Nocturne can be used for oils, juices and sauces as well.

700ml Nocturne bottle for gin
An elegant bottle for housing gin.

Corks and Capsules

The 22.5mm micro agglomerate cork is supplied as standard with this bottle. It comes with a black wooden top.

Micro agglomerate corks are perfect for use with alcoholic products as they give low oxygen transmission rates to your product. These corks are made from natural micro-granules that are uniform in size. This means that they have a more uniform appearance, a smoother feel and are easier to product. This means they are a cheaper alternative to natural and synthetic corks.

The 700ml Nocturne bottle, like all of our glass bottles, can also be supplied with a Heat Shrink Capsule. This will add this finishing touch to your product design and adds a layer of tamper evidence to your product. Which will give you and your customer peace of mind.

glass whisky bottle for sale
The Nocturne is perfect for Whisky

What will you be using this glass bottle for? Are you starting your own gin business? Or do you have a micro distillery? Why not check out our online glass bottle shop today. And find the perfect bottle to package your product.

Have you tried the 700ml Nocturne Bottle yet? Let us know know what you think of it! We'd love to see photos of your product in this beautiful bottle.

Make sure you tag us in any social media posts. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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