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Product Spotlight: The 250ml Round Sauce Bottle

Have you been searching for the perfect bottle for your homemade sauce? Whether it's ketchup, chilli sauce, BBQ sauce, Hoisin sauce or any other sauce you can think of. We have the perfect bottle for you.

The 250ml round sauce bottle is the bees knees of sauce bottles. Whether is a small quantity of bottles you are after or a large regular supply. Look no further than Sen5es Bottles!

This glass bottle comes with a selection of different closure options. We stock black, gold, gold with button, silver and white 43mm twist off caps which all fit this bottle perfectly. So no matter what colour your labels are, we have a cap to suit your needs.

We also supply a tamper evident clear capsule for this product. There is also a matt and gloss black version. These add a layer of security for you and your customers and is definitely a great addition to any product. Check out our latest blog detailing all you need to know about choosing the correct PVC capsule for you.

Being a sauce bottle, the name kind of gives it away. This particular glass bottle is perfect for any kind of sauce. We have customer who use it for BBQ sauces, ketchups, chilli sauces, cooking sauces, pasta sauces and much much more.

If you have any concerns that it won't work for your particular product. We usually recommend ordering a small quantity and doing some real world test. Make up a small batch of your sauce and give it to friends and family. Await their feedback. And once you know how awesome the bottle and sauce combination is, place your next big order!

200ml Glass Flask Bottle

This classy bottle will surely serve you well. Combined with the correct coloured closure, a tamper evident capsule and your awesome label, this bottle will shine on the shelf! It will certainly make your sauce stand out on the shelf. Whether it's in the shop or in the kitchen cupboard.

200ml Glass Spirit Bottle
Product Spotlight: 250ml Round Sauce Bottle

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If you wish to purchase the 250ml Round Sauce Bottle or any of the caps mentioned please follow the links below.

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The Team at Sen5es

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