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Product Spotlight: The 250ml Soft Drinks Bottle

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

The 250ml Soft Drink Bottle is a versatile little bottle. Great things come in small packages and that is true with this small but mighty bottle. Perfect for a variety of products, this little bottle is great quality, strong and it won't break the bank.

You can use them at home to store water in the fridge for those hot summer days. Or for storing homemade smoothies, juices or Kombucha. This 250ml Soft Drink Bottle or Mountain Bottle is also perfect for any sized business. Well priced and versatile. This bottle could be used for Apple Juice, Spring Water, Wine or even Sauces.

Supplied with a variety of closures (with and without tamper evident seals) you will be able to find the perfect cap for your needs. At Sen5es Bottles we stock a range of both plastic and metal caps for our 250ml Glass Soft Drink Bottle.

We sell a wide variety of Soft Drink Bottles from this 250ml size all the way up to 1000ml or 1ltr. Why not head over to our Glass Soft Drink Bottle page to learn more about this awesome range of bottles.

We'd love to see our bottles in the wild. If you have used our 250ml Soft Drink Bottle or any of our Soft Drinks bottles make sure you tag us in a picture of it on Social Media so we can see what our amazing customers are making with our products.

If you wish to buy the 250ml Soft Drink Bottle or any of our soft drinks bottles please follow the link below

All the best

The Team at Sen5es

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