Sen5es Top 5 Summer Smoothie Recipes

It's summer here in the UK and we are enjoying the sunshine over here at Sen5es! So we thought what better way to keep cool and enjoy ourselves than with some delicious smoothies.

We've scoured the internet and our own personal repertoires to bring you 5 delicious and healthy summer smoothies to keep you cool and refreshed.

For each smoothie you will need a good quality blender. Each recipe is super simple and only requires you to chuck all the ingredients in to a blender and blend until smooth. Super simple!

"But what if I want to store the smoothies?" I hear you say! Well what about using one of Sen5es amazing range of affordable glass bottles!

Most of the smoothies are best enjoyed fresh. But they will last a day or 2 in the fridge. So to keep them as fresh as possible we recommend using one our soft drinks bottles.

Ranging from a 250ml soft drink bottle all the way to 1 litre soft drink bottle. These are the best options to store your freshly made summer smoothies in.

"And what about serving them?" Good question! Have you checked out our amazing mason mugs? We have a 450ml mason mug and a 630ml mason mug in stock. These jars have a handle and lid. And are perfect for serving up delicious smoothies to your friends and family.

Check out our 5 summer smoothie recipes to keep you healthy and cool below!