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The 28mm metal caps are the perfect way to finish off our soft drinks bottles. Available in either gold, silver or white. They offer a professional finish to our bottles. The caps can easily be applied by hand by simply screwing them on. They do however lack a tamper evident seal, but this can be remedied easily by pairing them with one of our heat shrink capsules.

This bottle cap is perfect for…

Our 28mm Metal caps are perfect for using with water, soft drinks, juices, milkshakes, cold brew coffee, ice tea, smoothies etc.
Compatible bottles

This cap is available in either gold, silver or white.

This cap will fit the following of our bottles.

250ml Soft Drink Bottle
330ml Soft Drink Bottle
500ml Soft Drink Bottle
750ml Soft Drink Bottle
1000ml Soft Drink Bottle
200ml Flask Bottle

The caps are suitable for bottles with a 28mm screw top finish. If you are using with a bottle that wasn’t purchased from us, we strongly recommend doing a product compatibility test before ordering large quantities.

If you would like to buy heat shrink capsules for these caps they can be found below.

31x50mm Black Capsule
31.5x50mm Black Capsule

32x40mm Black Capsule
31x55mm Yellow Capsule
32x55mm Black Capsule
34x50mm Clear Shrink Bands
34x55mm White Capsule
31.5mm x 40mm Burgundy Capsule

28mm Metal Caps

PriceFrom £4.50
Cap Colour