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The 200ml Honorius is made with very high quality glass. Not only is it very attractive it functions perfectly. This bottle comes with a black bar top stopper, beige or wooden top cork which are all suitable for high level alcohol liquids. It can also be supplied with a 32mm x 40mm black matte shrink capsule, a clear heat band or a 31.5mm x 40mm burgundy capsule to provide the finishing touches perfect for your product.

This glass bottle is perfect for…

Our 200ml Honorius bottle is perfect for spirits, liquors, sloe gin, oils or any high quality premium products.

This glass bottle is supplied with a synthetic cork.

All of our bottles are supplied with caps but if you would like to purchase extras please follow the links below.


18mm Synthetic Spirit Bottle Cork
18.5mm Synthetic Spirit Bottle Cork
32x40mm Black Capsule
34x50mm Clear Band
31.5mm x 40mm burgundy capsule

Product Dimensions

200ml HonoriusBottle approx specifications