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The kit includes;
60 x 330ml brown beer bottles
60 x 26mm crowns in your choice of colour
1 x handheld beer capper
This 330ml homebrew bottle kit is the perfect gift for someone. Whether it's for Christmas or a Birthday. Help get your friend or family member started on their homebrew journey with this home brew bottle kit.
Designed to be able to bottle 40 pints (the standard homebrew amount) and with a choice of crowns this is an awesome gift for the beer lover in your life.
The 330ml Amber Beer Bottle is a classic. Recognisable anywhere this classic beer bottle is perfect for all of your homebrew needs. It's also perfect for larger volumes as it's a standard size and design.
The 26mm crown is available in 16 different colours for standard sized beer bottles. The crowns all have liners suitable for pasteurization as standard. The seal has been guaranteed up to 0.8 Mpa and the sealant is applied on the adhesive varnish specially developed for crown corks. The liner is PVC free (granulate).
The hand capper is made with strong plastic and metal, this is an easy to use machine which allows you to add caps to your beer bottles. Simply put a crown in the machine on the magnet. Place over the top of the bottle and then push the handles down until fully down. This will crimp the crown around the neck of the bottle and leave a nice finish.

This glass bottle is perfect for…

This home brew bottle kit is perfect for anyone starting out in their home-brew journey. It’s also great for any long term brewers who need to restock their bottles.

This glass bottle is supplied with a choice of coloured crown bottle caps. These are all 26mm and include Gold, Dark Gold, Silver, White, Black, Red, Burgundy, Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Light Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Dark Orange and Brown. These all require a capper to be applied. They offer a strong industry standard seal.

If you would like to purchase extra caps, cappers or gift boxes for these bottles please follow the links below.

26mm Crown Caps
3 x 330ml Craft Beer Bottle Box
Hand Capper
Bench Capper

Product Dimensions

330ml Amber Beer Bottle approx specifications.


Fill Height47mm
Label Panel88mm


330ml Homebrew Beer Bottle Kit