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We stock 16 different colours of high quality crown caps for standard sized beer bottles. The crowns all have liners suitable for pasteurization as standard. The seal has been guaranteed up to 0.8 Mpa and the sealant that is applied on the adhesive varnish specially developed for crown corks. The liner is PVC free (granulate).

This bottle cap is perfect for…

Our 26mm crown caps are perfect for all standard size beer bottles and work perfectly with all sorts of beer and cider. Including IPAs, stouts, pale ales, lagers, ciders, Perrys, sour beers, APAs etc.
Compatible bottles

This cap is available in a range of colours including Gold, Dark Gold, Silver, White, Black, Red, Burgundy, Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Light Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Dark Orange and Brown.

Bespoke crowns can be made to order but there is a minimum order quantity of around 50,000. This is subject to design and availability.

This cap will fit the following of our bottles.

330ml Amber Beer Bottles
330ml Cider Bottles
500ml Amber Beer Bottle
500ml Tall Amber Beer Bottle
500ml Clear Cider Bottle

The crown caps are suitable for any standard beer bottle with a 26mm finish. If you are using with a bottle that wasn’t purchased from us, we strongly recommend doing a product compatibility test before ordering large quantities.

26mm Crown Caps

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