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Product Spotlight: 750ml Soft Drink Bottle

Updated: Mar 14

In this months product spotlight blog we take a look at one of our amazing glass bottles from our soft drink bottle range.

The 750ml soft drink bottle (also known as the 750ml mountain bottle) is one of our most popular glass bottles. It's tall, stylish and versatile. It's suitable for all types of drinks and looks great on any shelf. It's 750ml size is an industry standard and the bottle is made from high quality flint glass. Making this the perfect bottle for home producers and any size business.

Read our full blog below to learn more about this affordable glass bottle, the rest of it's family and it's compatible lids.

750ml glass soft drink bottle

Glass Soft Drink Bottles

We have a wide range of soft drinks bottles. Including a 250ml, 330ml, 500ml and 1000ml. All of these are from the same family as our 750ml soft drink bottle and are therefore the same shape and match perfectly. They are also known as the mountain bottle range.

Having a variety of different sizes of the same bottle is the perfect way to cater to any customer. Some customers like to buy large quantities of a product they know they love and others like to buy a smaller amount to try it. By using our soft drink bottle range you can offer your products in a variety of sizes so you can offer options to your customers.

By using the same style bottle across your range of sizes you add to your brand value. A customer will see the matching bottles and understand the time and effort that has gone in to crafting a range of products like yours. By impressing new customer with your excellent branding and bottle choices you are more likely to get those first time buyers on board.

750ml Glass Bottle

The 750ml soft drink bottle has a slim tall shape with a sloping shoulder and 28mm neck. 750ml is an industry standard size and is perfect for all sorts of products. From water and juices to wines and soft drinks.

These bottles are made from high quality food grade glass and can withstand pressures of up to 3.5bar. So they are great for light carbonated drinks such as sparkling water and kombucha. The round shape of these bottles and the large area of the body make them perfect for applying labels to. The label panel is 118mm tall. Allowing for plenty of room to apply your label and branding.

This bottle is perfect for juices, water, soft drinks, kombucha, wine, sauces, iced teas, iced coffees, cold brew coffee, ginger beer, ginger wine, spirits and much more. Anything without a high carbonation will work perfectly in this bottle.

28mm screw caps

The 28mm screw caps are available in a wide range of materials and colours. Each has been tested by us and works perfectly with this bottle. So it all depends on preference and use to decide which cap you would like to purchase with this bottle.

The 28mm Plastic Soft Drink Caps come in either black or gold and have an integral tamper evident seal. These caps can easily be applied by hand and add a tamper evident ring to your bottle. This will mean your customers knows exactly if your product has been opened or not before they buy it.

We have two types of metal caps available for this particular bottle. The 28mm Metal Soft Drink Caps and the 28mm Metal Caps with Security Seal. Both can be applied by hand. However the security seal on the second does require a crimping machine to apply them to the bottle.

If you require any advice on which cap is best for you please get in touch today.

Heat Shrink Capsules

As well as caps we also supply a wide range of heat shrink capsules that are perfect for this bottle. Depending on which screw cap you choose to pair with this bottle it will vary which size capsule will work. In the product listing we have included a detailed list of which capsule work with specific caps on this bottle.

We've also included the same list below for you. You can find these sorts of details on all of our product pages. We like to keep our customers informed. And by showing them exactly which cap and capsule works with each jar and bottle we think it helps a lot.

750ml mountain bottle

What do you think of this 750ml bottle? Will you be using it for your product? We are sure you won't be disappointed, no matter what you put in this bottle.

If you are a brand new business and in need of some high quality glass bottles check out our full range of glass bottles and get in touch today if you have any questions or want to discuss your needs further.

If your already using this bottle we'd love to hear from you! Let us know in the comment below or post a picture on social media. Make sure you tag us in and use the #sen5esbottles hashtag. You may even be featured in one of our customer shout outs!

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. So make sure you head over there and give us a follow and like. And don't forget to tag us in all your awesome product shots!

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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