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Product Spotlight: 750ml Green Bordeaux Wine Bottle

Are you a wine making enthusiast or home brewer? Maybe you have a grape vine in your garden. Or you might even have a small or commercial vineyard. Are you searching for the perfect glass bottle for your wine? No matter what size operation you have. This is the perfect wine bottle to suit your needs.

It's supplied in a green glass and comes with a choice of 5 different coloured caps. These bottles are easy to fill and easy to seal. The great thing is you don't need any special equipment to seal them. So you can use these bottles, no matter how much wine you are producing.

Our 750ml green bordeaux wine bottle is part of our glass wine bottle range. And is a traditional wine bottle shape with sloping shoulders and a long neck. It's instantly recognisable as a wine bottle and will look amazing no matter what labels and branding is put on it.

750ml green wine glass bottle

750ml Green Wine Bottle

Why choose a green bottle for your wine. The green glass is used to prevent oxidation, sunlight and UV light damage. This allows for extended storage periods. Green glass is the preferred colour for red wines but can be used with white and rosé wines as well.

All wine and beer bottles started life using clear glass. But over time it was discovered that coloured glass is actually more beneficial to the contents of the bottle. So this became the standard.

Our 750ml green bordeuax wine bottle is made from high quality green glass and is a classic design. You will have seen this style of wine bottle on multiple occasions. It's a familiar design and is trusted by producers and consumers all over the world. So you can rest assured that it will be the perfect packaging for your very own wine.

This bottle is perfect for any style of wine. However if you want a more traditional white wine bottle. We have a clear version of this bottle in stock. Our 750ml clear bordeaux wine bottle is great for rosé and white wines as it shows off the colour of the wine a little clearer.

750ml green wine bottle

Novatwist Caps

Our 30mm Novatwist caps are fantastic for wine and work perfectly with these screw top wine bottles. They can be applied by hand and come in a variety of colours. Including black, burgundy, gold, white and silver.

These caps are made from a high quality, food grade plastic. They offer a premium finish to any screw top wine bottle. They give the appearance that the bottle also has a sleeve over the cap as they go down the neck of the bottle. The cap also creates a tamper evident seal.

By incorporating the twist cap and seal in to one product it will save you time and money. You only need to buy and apply one cap and you are good to go. No need for an extra step of adding a heat shrink capsule over the top of this cap.

The 30mm Novatwist Caps are a premium wine bottle cap. They give the appearance of a sleeve but are in fact a cap and capsule in one. This creates an elegant finish as well as a tamper evident seal. Simply apply them to a full bottle by pushing them down and screwing them clockwise at the same time. This then pushes the ‘sleeve’ on to the bottle and secure the cap.

30mm novatwist wine bottle caps

Wine Bottle Capsules

As mentioned above wine bottle capsule are not necessary for this particular bottle and cap combination. Traditional wine bottles are supplied with either a cork mouth or screw top. Cork mouth bottles often have a heat shrink capsule to help seal the bottle and offer a tamper evident seal. Corks are often expensive and they can be hard to apply with hand held machinery.

Screw top bottles often use metal screw caps which need expensive machinery to apply and are not accessible to small wine makers. By using our novatwist cap we have insured that any wine maker of any size can use these bottles for the wine production.

grapes in a vineyard

Do you have your own grapevine or maybe even a vineyard? Will you be using this bottle to package your next pressing of wine? Let us know in the comments why you think this bottle is perfect for your wine!

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