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Product Spotlight: 125ml Round Jar

Updated: Mar 20

In this weeks product spotlight we are featuring one of our most popular jars from our range of glass food jars. The 125ml round jar is a small straight sided round jar. It's classical and simple design make it a popular choice for all sorts of products.

From candle making to wild garlic pesto. This little jar is versatile and capable of storing all sorts of products. We use it all the time at home and have even used it in plenty of our blogs over the years. The simple shape and wide mouth make it a great jar for use personally and commercially.

To learn more about our 125ml straight sided round glass jar read the full blog below. We're sure your going to love this little jar just as much as we do.

125ml glass round jar

Glass Jar For Candles

This glass jars makes the perfect size and shape for candle making. We've even used it in a blog where we did exactly that. Check out our candle making in glass jars blog. The wide mouth and straight sides make it perfect for pouring wax into to create some wonderful candles.

They make perfect gifts for friends and family. So whether you choose to make your own candles as gifts. Or plan on selling them to the public. These jars will be perfect. As discussed below we sell a variety of different lids to go with these jars. So you could even have a different coloured lid for each scent you produce.

glass jar for candle making
You can use the 125ml jar for all sorts of crafts.

Portion Controlled Dessert Jar

Have you ever had a GU pudding. Or a cheesecake in a ramekin jar? You can use the 125ml round jar to make your own version of these delicious desserts.

We've done exactly that in one of our blogs. Stuart shared his recipe for steamed treacle puddings in glass jars. These delicious desserts are easy to make and work great in glass jars. By having each dessert in an individual glass jar. You know you won't eat too much.

These jars are great for making small puddings personally or commercially. We offer various quantities to suit all needs. And our prices are very competitive. They even get cheaper the more you buy.

glass jar for desserts
Use this jar to make your own desserts!

Glass Jam Jar

As well as all these different uses for glass jars. This jar is also perfect as a traditional jam jar. From strawberry jam to a traditional pesto. These jam jars are perfect for all sorts of food products. We've used them to make a wild garlic pesto recipe and an elderflower jelly recipe.

We use this size jar all the time when we are creating jams, chutneys and sauces. The smaller size means that products are used up quickly and don't have a chance to turn bad. An the straight sides make it easy to fill and to get every last drop out of the jar.

They are also great for using again and again as they are easy to clean. The straight sides of the jar do make a huge difference as no jam etc is getting stuck in the corners.

125ml round glass jam jar
We used this jar to make some homemade wild garlic pesto!

66mm Twist Off Lids

This jar is supplied with a 66mm twist off cap. It comes in a variety of colours including gold, black, silver, white and a black button version. The lug caps are suitable for canning various kinds of food: sweet, salty, acidic, fatty, etc. They are also suitable for pasteurisation (+100 °C) or sterilisation (+121±2 °C).

The 66mm black button cap is perfect for helping add tamper evidence to your product. The button on the top of the lid works exactly like you will have seen in the supermarket. When your product is sealed the button will stay down. Once it's opened it will pop when pushed.

To achieve this tamper evident seal. Simply hot fill your jar and put the lid on. When the product cools it will contract and pull the lid down. Stopping it from popping.

66mm twist off jar lids
The 66mm caps come in a variety of colours

What do you think of our 125ml round jar? Have you used it when creating one of our recipe or craft blogs? Maybe you've used it to make some candles for Christmas. Let us know in the comments below!

We love seeing our glass jars and glass bottles out in the wild. So don't forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. Don't forget you should #tag us in all your awesome product shots. You can also use the hashtag #sen5esbottles.

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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