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Product Spotlight: 200ml Honorius Bottle

We love showing off brand new products. And with this months product spotlight it's no different. We've got a brand new addition to our glass spirit bottle range.

The 200ml Honorius bottle is the latest in our line up of premium spirit bottles. It's a classically designed spirit bottles with a thick base and high quality glass.

It's perfect for all sort of spirits and liquors. It can also be used for premium oils and sauces.

200ml honorius spirit bottle

200ml Glass Spirit Bottle

This 200ml bottle is ideal for packaging all sorts of spirits, liquors, sauces and oils. It has an elegant and simple shape. And is made from the highest quality glass. The base is heavy and solid, giving it a premium feel.

The best way to package a premium product is to put it in a premium bottle. The 200ml Honorius is premium in quality but won't cost the earth. This affordable bottle is the perfect balance between price value and premium quality.

Being 200ml in capacity it's perfect for smaller quantities of your spirits. Some customers like to buy smaller quantities when they are first trying a product. Or like to give smaller products as a gift. This is the perfect bottle to compliment a 700ml spirit bottle. It will help complete your line up.

200ml glass spirit bottle

Corks and Heat Capsules

The 200ml Honorius is supplied with an 18.5mm synthetic cork which comes in two varieties. The first is with a natural wood top finish. And the second is with a black plastic finish. So depending on your product, labelling and branding. You can choose the perfect cork to suit your needs.

As well as a choice of cork. This bottle is supplied with a choice of either a clear heat shrink band or a black heat shrink capsule. These heat shrink capsules help to offer a tamper evident seal to the bottle and also help finish off the styling of the bottle.

Affordable Glass Spirit Bottle

With the rising price of everything at the moment. We've searched far and wide for the perfect alternative to some more expensive bottles. The 200ml Honorius is the best alternative to our already established 200ml bottle selection.

This affordable alternative doesn't lack quality or looks though. We feel it's almost identical to our 200ml Nocturne bottle but offers a cheaper alternative. It has the classic sloping shoulders of most spirit bottles giving it an elegant and classic look.

As with our entire range of glass bottle and jars we offer these bottles in a variety of different quantities. Ranging from just 1 bottle for a sample. All the way up to wholesale quantities of 700 or more. With the increase of quantity you will also benefit from a reduction in price per unit. So the more you buy the more you save!

What do you think of our latest glass spirit bottle? What would you like to see next in our range? Let us know in the comments below.

200ml glass honorius spirit bottle
What do you think of this cute 200ml bottle?

How would you use this bottle? Would you use it for a speciality hot sauce? Or maybe a limited edition rum? We love to see how our customers are using our products. So make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram and tag us in all your amazing product photos. You can also use the hashtag #sen5esbottles to show off your products.

Don't forget to check out the rest of our range of amazing glass spirit bottles. We are sure there will be something there to suit you and your business.

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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