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Product Spotlight: 100ml Dorica Oil Bottle

Taken from our range of beautiful glass oil bottles. The 100ml dorica Oil Bottle comes with two different finishes and cap options. The 24mm and 31.5mm finishes. Both have their advantages and different purposes. Below we will go in to more detail about each and help you to decide which is best for you and your product.

The 100ml dorica oil bottle with the 24mm finish is better suited at storing oils such as sesame seed oil and other speciality oils. The thinner neck allows for a more controlled pourer. Whereas the 100ml dorica oil bottle with the 31.5mm finish has a wider mouth and is more suited to thicker sauces which don't require such a precise pour.

Both of these bottles are made from the highest quality food grade glass and offer a great storage option for your product. Each have their benefits so read on below to find out more about each version of the 100ml dorica oil bottle.

100ml glass dorica oil bottle

This version is thinner, more elegant and is perfect for thinner sauces and oils. The 100ml size of this bottle makes it perfect for smaller quantities of your product to be used as gifts or samples.

The bottle can be used with a variety of different products. Including chilli sauces, chilli oils, olive oil, rapeseed oil, vinegars, salad dressing and much more. It can even be used for some spirits and even makes a great size for a wedding favour!

The tall flat sides allow for ample space to apply your labels and branding. And help to give this bottle an elegant and traditional style.

100ml dorica oil bottle with 24mm lid

Perfect for thicker sauces which struggle to fit through the smaller opening of the 24mm version. The 100ml dorica with the 31.5mm finish is the smallest bottle in our dorica range. It's the smaller version of our 250ml dorica oil bottle and 500ml dorica oil bottle. And fits in with the range perfectly.

Along with a standard black or gold plastic cap it can also be supplied with oil pourer caps. The oil pourer cap helps control the flow of thinner sauces and oils by placing an integrated funnel in the mouth of the bottle. All three plastic lids are tamper evident and can be applied by hand.

It can also be supplied with our metal oil pourer cap. As shown below, this is the perfect cap for using in the kitchen or at restaurants.

Caps and Capsules

The 24mm has the 24mm polycone caps they can be applied easily by hand and offer a strong leak free seal for thinner products. The 24mm tamper evident caps can also be applied by hand and have a clear plastic tamer evident seal which is broken by opening the bottle after filling.

The 31.5mm plastic cap comes in 3 options. Plain black or gold plastic. Or a black plastic with an oil pourer insert. All three option have a tamper evident seal and can easily be applies by hand.

A variety of heat shrink capsules are also available for both bottles. Heat shrink capsules fit over the lid of your bottle and shrink to size. This adds a layer of tamper evidence to your product and adds a finishing touch to your product. To learn which capsule fits on which product. Simply visit the products page and check the description for a list of compatible capsules.

This metal pourer cap will only work with the 31.5mm version of this bottle and our larger dorica oil bottles. It's perfect for use within kitchens. Both domestically and commercially.

It fits securely on either the 100ml dorica with 31.5mm cap, 250ml dorica and 500ml dorica oil bottles. they aren't good for transportation but can be sold along with a sealed bottle for use at home. They are made from high quality metal so can be used again and again. As long as they are cleaned and maintained.

Included are a dust flap at the top and a separate air tube to allow for easy and fast flowing pouring of your favourite oils and sauces. The 31.5mm metal oil pourer cap also allows the control of the oil flow. Meaning there will be less wastage as you can precisely pour the required amount of oil. This will also lead to healthy and less oily meals.

31.5mm metal oil pourer straw cap
The metal pourer is great for oils and salad dressings.

This is a great little bottle no matter which finish you choose. It's great for those limited edition hot sauces or to offer your customers a small sample size of your oil.

What do you think of our 100ml dorica oil bottles? Will you be using it for your oils or sauces? We'd love to see what you use it for. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Tiktok. Tag us in all your amazing product photos. You can also use the hashtag #sen5esbottles to show off your products.

Don't forget to check out the rest of our range of amazing glass oil bottles. We are sure there will be something there to suit you and your business.

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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