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Product Spotlight: 330ml Amber Beer Bottle

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Are you looking for a classic and versatile beer bottle for your latest home brew creation? Or are you looking for a sleek and stylish glass bottle for your product? Look no further than the classic 330ml amber beer bottle.

330ml Amber beer glass bottle

330ml Beer Bottle for Home Brew

This little beer bottle has been a staple of the home brew and commercial brewing scene for many years and you can see why. With it's classic and simple design, this bottle is the perfect container for your whole range of beers.

Match it with an eye catching label and the right crown and you are on to a winner. It's amazing how different the same bottle can look just by adding a label to it. Just head down to your local off license or super market and have a look at the beer on offer. So many of the major breweries use this bottle, yet every product looks different.

Beer Bottles for Breweries

As mentioned this is a classic bottle when it comes to beer. So it's perfect for any sized brewery. We can sell this is small quantities from 100, 500 or 1000. We can even supply it in full pallets.

We are able to supply these bottles in bulk quantities which come on full pallets. This is perfect for any size brewery as it helps reduce costs and ensure that you get the best price for your glass bottles.

Caps for Beer Bottles

We stock 16 different crown cap colours. So it doesn't matter how many beers you produce, you can still have a different coloured crown for each of your creations. You could have a black crown cap to represent your stout beer or a light blue to represent your IPA. Having 16 options to choose from give you plenty of versatility.

Gift Boxes for 330ml Beer Bottles

Along with crowns we also sell boxes for this particular bottle. Our 330ml craft beer box is the perfect way to present 3 of your favourite beers to your customers. Making your beer perfect for Christmas presents or gifts at any time of the year.

330ml amber beer bottle

As with our entire range of beer bottles this glass beer bottle is available in a variety of quantities to suit your needs. As well as a selection of cap colours, quantities and packaging these bottles also come with the Sen5es customer satisfaction guarantee.

We care about your experience with us, so we always go above and beyond to make sure you get your order safely, securely and on time.

Don't forget to also leave us your feedback. You can do it on Facebook or Google. And by doing so you can earn money off your next order. Check out our reviews blog to learn more.

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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