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Product Spotlight: 700ml Polo Bottle

Have you been looking for the perfect Spirit Bottle for your home made gin? Or maybe you are a brand new distillery looking for a range of high quality glass spirit bottles. Look no further than Sen5es large range of high quality spirit bottles.

In this months product spotlight we are focusing on one of our most popular spirit bottles. The 700ml Polo Bottle. It is a beautifully crafted bottle with an elegant design and classic style. It is perfect for all sorts of uses which has made this bottle a firm favourite with our customers.

700ml Polo spirit bottle

Wholesale Spirit Bottles

As with Sen5es entire range. Our 700ml Polo bottle is available in small and large volumes. So no matter what size your business is we will be able to supply you with the perfect amount of bottles.

If you are a medium to large distillery and need to buy your spirit bottles in bulk then we have you covered. We offer great discounts for wholesale quantities of our entire spirit bottle range. We are able to offer these bottles in any quantity that is required. From 300 all the way to full pallets and more.

At the same time if you are a small home producer or just setting up your business. We have flexible quantity options to help any sized business. We also offer very competitive prices for any quantity. From 1 to 300 bottles.

700ml Liquor Bottle

Corks and Capsules

We offer a wide range of corks for this bottle. We currently have 4 cork options for our polo bottle range. You can either purchase a natural cork or a synthetic cork. Depending on what you will be storing in the bottle, you may need one or the other. It's best to check and see which will help give your product the longest shelf life.

With both the 19.5mm natural corks and 19.5mm synthetic corks we offer them in either a natural wood top finish or a black plastic finish. So it all depends on what you want your finished product to look like and the branding you currently use.

As well as a range of corks. We stock a wide range of heat shrink capsules which are perfect for these bottles and cork. We currently have black, white and clear capsules in stock for this product. Check out the entire range to see which goes best with your product and branding.

700ml glass spirit bottle

The Perfect Spirit Bottle

The 700ml Polo is the perfect bottle for a whole range of products. From gin and whisky all the way to sauces and oils. The 700ml polo will be the perfect packaging to showcase your product.

The Polo range is made from high quality thick glass. So it will give any product a premium feel. It's perfect for any type of spirit or liquor. It can also be used for high end oils or sauces.

If you are using this bottle for anything other than the traditional spirits. It's always best to test your product in the bottle before committing to large volumes.

700ml gin bottle

The Polo Range of Bottles

Our 700ml Polo bottle is the largest in our range of Polo liquor bottles. We have this bottle available in 250ml and 500ml. So it's perfect to allow you to offer different sizes to your customers.

The variety in sizes allows you to offer more choice to your target audience and therefore allows you to offer more to the market. Some consumers don't like to commit to large bottles of a new liquor or spirit. So offering them a smaller 'sample' size is a great way to let them try your product and to win them over.

Our 500ml sits right in the middle and allows another alternative to the large 700ml. We always feel it's a great idea to give your customers choices and options. That way they are more likely to go away happy with a product they love.

700ml glass liquor bottle

What do you think of our 700ml Polo Bottle? Will you be using it for your gin, whisky or maybe even a sauce? We'd love to see what you use it for. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and tag us in all your amazing product photos. You can also use the hashtag #sen5esbottles to show off your products.

Don't forget to check out the rest of our range of amazing glass spirit bottles. We are sure there will be something there to suit you and your business.

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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