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Product Spotlight: 750ml Champagne Beer Bottle

In this months product spotlight we are highlighting one of our newest glass beer bottles. It's not your standard beer bottle. So it will definitely make any special edition brews stand out from the crowd!

Are you a home brewer? A micro brewery? Or a full scale commercial brewery? Do you have any special edition beers coming out? If so we have the perfect bottle for you. Our 750ml Champagne beer bottle is perfect for any kind of beer.

It has an elegant champagne bottle look but is designed to house beer instead. With dark amber glass and a 29mm crown cap. It's perfect for any type of beer or ale. From IPAs to Stouts. It will be the perfect packaging for your next release.

750ml glass beer bottle

Wholesale Beer Bottles

As with our entire range we sell our 750ml champagne beer bottle in a range of different quantities.

From as little as 1 bottle all the way up to 300 and full pallet quantities. We are able to supply the perfect quantities to suit you or your business. So whether you are a small homebrewer or a large scale commercial brewery, we will have the quantity to suit your needs.

We can supply these bottles boxed in strong cardboard boxes or loose on a pallet. Whichever suits you and your businesses needs. At Sen5es we are always happy to help and we will always do our best to accommodate you.

750ml glass brown beer bottle

Buy 750ml Glass Beer Bottles

With a starting price of £1.21 before delivery. These bottles are affordable for any size brewery. Whether you are a brand new micro brewery or an established commercial brewery. They will be within your budget.

These are our largest standard style beer bottles. If you require a larger beer bottle or growler. Head over to our growler bottle section to see our range of glass growler beer bottles.

These bottles are perfect for helping your beer stand out from the crowd. Do you have a special release brew coming up? Maybe some barrel aged beer for a special occasion? Why not package it in a special bottle that suits a special beer.

glass beer bottle

Beer Bottles for Home Brewing and Breweries

Glass bottles are the perfect packaging for beer. Glass is endlessly recyclable and our bottles always have recycled glass in them. Glass is inert. So no bad chemicals will leach in to your beer. And the taste will remain how you intended it.

This bottle is made from high quality amber glass. Amber glass is perfect for beer as it helps protect it from harmful UV rays which can negatively effect the beer. The dark brown glass is perfect for offering protection and gives the bottle a classy and elegant look.

This bottle will definitely stand out from the crowd so it's perfect to give your beer that edge above your competitors. Don't forget to buy yours today to ensure you have packaging for your next brew.

750ml champagne beer bottle

29mm Crown Caps

Our 29mm crown caps are currently only available in black. However we think black is a good colour to start with as it goes perfectly with the brown bottle and most labelling.

No matter what colours you have in your logo and branding on the label. The black crown will go perfectly with them.

This crown needs to be applied with a special tool and most hand cappers aren't big enough to be used. Unfortunately none of the cappers we stock will work for this crown. However if you need a capper for a 29mm crown we can order one in for you. So get in contact if you need one!

Have you checked out our range of glass beer bottles yet? What about our 750ml Champagne beer bottle?

If you've used it for any of your beer creations we'd love to hear about it. To show off your product make sure you tag us in your posts on social media. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. And use the hashtag #sen5esbottles to show off your products.

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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