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Product Spotlight: 500ml Tall Amber Beer Bottle

Happy New Year to all our fantastic customers! And what better way to start a new year on the blog. Than by highlighting one of our amazing beer bottles!

This tall and elegant beer bottle is a show stopper and will help your beer stand out from the crowd.

It can be seen on the shelves of your local supermarket. On the bottling line at your local brewery. Or in your friends home-brew setup. But no matter where you see it. It's sure to stand out from the crowd.

The 500ml Tall Amber Beer Bottle is definitely versatile. And can be used by any sized brewer. Learn more about this amazing bottle below.

500ml Tall brown beer bottle

Beer Bottles for Any Size Brewery

Also known as the 500ml JAC Beer Bottle. This is the taller and slimmer alternative to the popular 500ml AMC Beer Bottle.

The glass beer bottle is a standard size at 500ml and is easy to both label and cap. Which makes it perfect for any sized brewery.

The bottles are a brand new lightweight design which makes them cheaper and more cost effective to post. Without a loss in quality.

With consumers focus on sustainability and eco friendly packaging. This is the perfect bottle for you.

500ml glass brown beer bottle

Home Brew Beer Bottle

This beer bottle is perfect for beginner home brewers and seasoned home brewers alike. It is a standard 500ml size and is made from high quality amber (brown) glass.

Combined with our range of caps and hand bottle cappers. It's the perfect bottle to package any home made beer in.

Have you just started your home brew journey? Or have you been doing it for years? No matter how long you've been doing it. You know one of the most important steps is storage. How will you store your beer once you've brewed it.

Glass is the best option for storing your home brewed beer. As it's reusable and strong. Simply wash out the bottles after use, use new caps and you are good to go.

500ml JAC Beer Bottle
Also known a the 500ml JAC Beer Bottle

Beer Bottle Caps

The 500ml Tall Amber Beer Bottle takes a 26mm crown cap which is an industry standard.

We provide this cap in a range of 16 different colours. So we will be able to provide a cap to suit your labels and beers.

Our standard beer bottle caps are available in small and large quantities. Starting at just £2.99 for a pack of 25.

This allows any size home brewer or brewery to buy their crowns in multiple colours. Without having to buy large bulk amount of each colour.

500ml glass beer bottles UK

Beer Bottle Gift Boxes

We currently stock a beautiful 3 bottle gift box for this particular bottle. It allows you to securely hold 3 full beer bottles at a time.

There are 3 big open windows to show off your bottles labels. So your customers can see exactly what they are taking home with them.

There is also space for customisation with plenty of blank spaces add your own designs and branding.

The gift box also has an in built carry handle which makes it perfect for selling as gifts around holiday seasons. Add this to your catalogue to see it fly off the shelves!

Beer bottles for sale

Who do you know who uses this bottle for their beers? Is it your local brewery? Your friend who gives you homebrew? Or maybe you use the 500ml Tall Amber Beer Bottle for your own packaging. Let us know how you enjoy this bottle in the comments below!

Thank you for checking out our latest product spotlight blog! What do you want to see from our blog this year? We'd love to hear your suggestions on what content we can produce for you.

Don't forget you can keep up to date with all the latest news at Sen5es by following us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also tag us in your product shots to show off how you use our amazing beer bottles!

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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