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Product Spotlight: Black Heat Shrink Capsules

In this weeks blog we have a product spotlight. In it we are talking about our range of black heat shrink capsules. With a variety of different sizes and styles. They are the perfect finishing touch to your bottle.

Tamper evidence is an important thing to think about when you are choosing a glass bottle for your product. You want to make sure it's secure and that your customer feels safe when buying your product.

That's why we supply a range of heat shrink capsules. Perfect for all of our glass bottles. They add the finishing touches to your packaging design and also a level of security to your product.

How Do You Secure Your Glass Bottle

If you are selling your product to the public you will need to ensure it has some form of tamper evident seal. This ensure the product you are selling is exactly what it says on the label and isn't tampered with in any way.

A lot of our bottle caps have features like this built in. But to add an extra layer of protection for both you and your customer you can also add a heat shrink capsule over the lid.

You simply choose the correct capsule for your bottle (on each of our bottle pages we have listed which capsules are best!). Fill you bottle. Cap it. Slide the heat shrink capsule over the lid and then apply heat. The capsule will then shrink to fit perfectly over your cap.

There are a few ways to shrink the capsule. You can either use steam from the kettle to apply heat. A heat gun. Hot water. Or a dedicated heat shrinker. The basic principle is the same. Apply a small amount of heat evenly to the capsule. And the plastic will shrink around the bottle and cap. It's a quick and easy process which is great when you are filling hundreds of bottles!

Wine Bottle Capsules

Heat shrink capsules are most commonly seen on wine bottles. You find them on the top of all cork mouth wine bottles and even a few screw top ones. Chances are you've had to remove a few of these in your time.

They are an industry standard and work well to ensure your product remains sealed when it's on the shelf or in a shop. The last thing you want is someone opening your product without buying it first!

Another positive of using heat shrink capsules to seal your bottles is that it adds a finishing touch to your labelling. It helps to give a classy and sophisticated look. Customers are used to seeing it on wine bottles and other products. So they associate it with products they already consume and enjoy.

Our range of black capsules are perfect as they are easy to match with any label and product. We have a large range of black capsules for this exact reason. We think they are the best option for the majority of customers. They look good and they are easy to match with your branding.

Finding The Perfect Size Capsule

As mentioned earlier we make sure we include a list of the perfect capsule for each bottle on our website. Simply find the bottle you want and scroll down to the Caps section in the description. Here you will find a list of caps and capsules that will fit that particular bottle.

If however, you have bought your bottles elsewhere and can't see it on our website. You can also measure your bottle and cap to find the perfect sized capsule for you. We've even created a handy blog to show you how to measure your bottle. You can find it here.

As always our team is always happy to help. If you have any questions about heat shrink capsules. Or need advise on exactly which one to buy for your bottle. Simply get in touch. And we will be happy to help.

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All the best

The team at Sen5es

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