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Product Spotlight: Our Mini Spirit Bottle Range

Do you know what's better than glass bottles? Mini glass bottles! They are so cute and look amazing with any product in them.

At Sen5es we love to offer variety and choice to our customers. And with our mini glass bottle range it's no different.

We currently have 4 different 50ml mini spirit bottles to choose from. Each with it's own style and unique look.

In this blog we have a look at all 4 styles and try to work out which of our mini spirit bottles is the best! Which do you think it is? Let us know in the comments below.

Our range of 50ml glass mini bottles
Our range of 50ml glass mini bottles

50ml Mini Spirit Bottle

This is the classic. Our first ever miniature bottle. Can you believe we've been stocking this bottle since Sen5es began?

The 50ml Mini Spirit Bottle has become a customer favourite. From wedding favours to spirits. This little bottle can be seen all around the country.

As well as the perfect wedding favour it has also become the perfect sample bottle. From gin distillers to hot sauce makers. Everyone uses this bottle to either sell or give away samples of their products. And combined with a presentation box and a tamper seal. This bottle definitely impresses the customers.

To get your hands on these lovely little bottles. Head over to the 50ml Mini Spirit Bottle product page in our online store.

50ml Mini Flask Bottle

The second in our line up is this amazing little flask bottle. This bottle is so impressive we've dedicated a whole product spotlight to it!

Whenever I think of this bottle I imagine it holding some whisky. But really it could be used for any liquid. We know customers who use it for hot sauce, juices, gin and more! It's also been used for taking milk in to the office! But the main use of this bottle is definitely for wedding favours.

It's become very popular in Islamic weddings to hold holy water as wedding favours. So many couples love to have these little bottles to give to their friends and families at weddings.

The 50ml Mini Flask bottle can be purchased in small amounts. Starting at just 1, 5, 10 or 25 bottles. Or it can be purchased in bulk anywhere from 1050 bottles and beyond!

To learn more about this fabulous little bottle. Head over to it's product page.

50ml Natura Spirit Bottle

A recent addition to our online store but a great addition to our line up.

Just look how classy this bottle looks with whisky in it! We love the style of this bottle and it's elegant class. It fits in perfectly with our high end spirit bottle range.

The bottle is supplied with an 18mm metal screw top cap which can be purchased in either gold or silver. And when combined with our 25x26mm Heat Band. It finishes this bottle off perfectly.

You can purchase the 50ml Natura Spirit bottle through our online shop. It can be purchased in small or bulk quantities. Whichever amount suits your needs. From 1 all the way to 900, we are sure we can find the right quantity for you.

You can find it over in our store by clicking here.

50ml Mini Vial Spirit Bottle

This vial and cork combination is perfect for wedding favours. It's the only one of our mini bottles which uses a cork as it's closure.

The cork comes supplied as standard with this bottle. And it offers a great seal. If you are sending this bottle in the post with liquid inside we would recommend adding an extra seal with our 25x26mm Heat Shrink Bands for peace of mind.

When I see this bottle I instantly think of a message in a bottle. Simply because of the cute little cork. So why not choose this bottle for your wedding favours. You could hand make some beautiful wedding favours using this bottle and some hand written personalised notes.

We sell this bottle in a variety of quantities. starting at just 3 bottles! So whether you only need a small amount for a home project or wedding favours. Or a large quantity for a small business. Head over to it's product page to check out our pricing and quantities.

The 50ml Mini Vial can be purchased through our online store by clicking here.

50ml Mini Vial Spirit Bottle

Which of our mini spirit bottles do you use? And what do you use them for?

We'd love to know how you are using each of these amazing little bottles. To show off your product make sure you tag us in your posts on social media. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. And use the hashtag #sen5esbottles to show off your products.

All the best

the team at Sen5es

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