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Product Spotlight: The Growler Bottles

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Introducing our growler beer bottle range

This edition of our product spotlight blog is on some really special bottles. Introducing our growler beer bottle collection. Part of our large collection of beer bottle for sale.

We currently have 3 options for the growler bottle in stock. The 1L Siphon, the 2L Palla and the 2L Old Bohemian.

Why is it called a growler?

This is quite an interesting name isn't it? Why would a glass bottle be named after a noise?

The term likely dates from the late 19th century when fresh beer was carried from the local pub to one's home by means of a small galvanized pail. It is claimed the sound that the carbon dioxide made when it escaped from the lid as the beer sloshed around sounded like a growl.

1000ml Siphon Beer Bottle

The 1L Siphon

The 1000ml Siphon is our baby growler. If you can call a bottle that's 1 litre a baby bottle. This is the smallest in our range and is perfectly sized to carry home from your local brew shop.

Supplied with either a white ceramic swingstopper or black/white plastic swingstoppers. This is the perfect reusable beer bottle.

Sold in a variety of pack sizes. We are able to cater to all public and trade customers.

2000ml Palla Growler Beer Bottle

This growler is sure to stand out in a crowd. A short and stout body with a small neck. This bottle is sure to push it's competitors off the shelves.

Supplied with a large ceramic swingtopper. This sturdy bottle will be perfect for selling your beer in. Offer them to your local customers as a fill and return service and you will see the difference they make with your sales.

Whether you are a large or small brewery, these bottles will be perfect for storing your beer in.

2000ml Old Bohemian Growler Beer Bottle

2L Old Bohemian

This 2000ml bottle is a giant in the beer bottle world. At over 35cm tall it towers over all the competition.

The built in handle is strong enough to support the weight of the glass and beer combined. It's also comfortable to hold when you are transporting it home from the brewery.

These bottles are also great for other drinks. I take one full of water when I go camping. It's rubber seal keeps drinks fresh.

Growler beer bottles

Our complete line up of beer bottles is a fantastic addition to any breweries bottle supply. Why not contact us and discuss your needs and we can help advise which is best and how many bottles will be best for your size brewery.

Remember the bottles can be sold to your customers or they can be built in to a deposit and return service. We already supply to lots of micro breweries who are doing exactly this.

Don't forget to also leave us your feedback. You can do it on Facebook or Google. And by doing so you can earn money off your next order. Check out our reviews blog to learn more.

If you wish to purchase any of our growler bottles please use the links below

All the best

The Team at Sen5es

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