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Product Spotlight: Sen5es Premium Spirit Bottle Collection

Updated: Mar 19

Our premium spirit bottle collection would make fantastic gifts for any occasion and

would look wonderful on display in your home or perfect for displaying your products in a

unique and identifying way.

Here at Sen5es we are committed to high quality from start to finish and so all of our spirit

bottles are made of high quality flint glass and are packed with care with a choice of tracked delivery options.

Glass Eagle spirit decanter
Premium Eagle Bottle

The 700ml Eagle decanter is a company favourite and comes highly recommended for any

of the spirit lovers or collectors out there and boasts a truly unique design inspired by nature.

Glass Eagle spirit decanter
Glass Eagle spirit decanter

The level of detail on this high quality flint glass decanter is incredible and it's easy to hold

and to pour, helped along by the fun fact that the eagle's head can be used as a jigger which will hold a double measure of alcohol, ready to make sure everyone in the round gets a fair share.

Glass Eagle spirit decanter filled
Glass Eagle spirit decanter filled

We send the Eagle Decanter already assembled and ready to go. So they would make a beautiful

addition to any drinks display, it's sure to impress everyone at your latest get together.

Each bottle is supplied with a natural cork stopper, the glass eagle head and 2 rubber seals

to hold it in place.

Do you like the look of this decanter? Would you want to see more types of decanters

available from Sen5es? Let us know what you think on our Facebook page, what do you think would be the best use for this decanter?

Glass motorcycle bottle filled
Premium Motorcycle Bottle

The 350ml motorcycle bottle is a fun and eye-catching design that would make an ideal gift

or even something to make your product line stand out in the crowd.

Flint glass Motorcycle spirit bottle
350ml Premium Motorcycle bottle

This would be sure to make a fun bottle for a limited edition run on your products or wedding

flavors, or even make an addition in the home as our caps ensure you can store a range of

products in them without them spilling.

This bottle can be supplied with either 28mm Metal Caps in either gold or so there's no chance of spilling, just let us know which you would prefer when you order.

Don't forget that for extra security on your motorcycle bottle you could always add a one of our 34 x 50mm Clear Shrink bands to it for a pilfer proof and added level of professionalism.

34x50mm Clear heat Shrink Band
Clear heat Shrink Band

What do you think of this bottle? What would be the best thing to keep in this bottle and

would it find a place on display on your shelves? We would love to hear from you.

There is no minimum order requirement for these special products however discounts can

be available on higher volume purchases.

We love hearing what our customers use our products for and what your favourite ones are.

So please be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our new TikTok! Don't forget to #tag us in your amazing product photos.

You can also use #Sen5esbottles to help show off your products.

Don't forget to check out the rest of our range of amazing Glass Spirit Bottles. We are sure

there will be something there to suit you and your business.

All the best wishes from us,

The Sen5es team.

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